How To Get More Traffic!

Different Ideas To Get More Traffic To Your Website

How To Get More Traffic!

Implement this in your business today so that you can get more visitors to your website.

As a marketer online, people always ask what source they can use to get traffic to their website, but if we had to tell you the exact source where to put your ad, everytbody would be doing the same thing meaning that we would be competing against one another and wasting our marketing money too.

Here is a better nugget, when you want to get cood traffic sources:

  1. You do not want depend on anyone
  2. Learn how to stand on your own to feet
  3. Develop a marketers eye

As a marketer you always want to look for ideas where you can advertise and look what activity is going on in the media.
You will start to notice there are 100's of new ideas that you can implement. And also not so expense as what you think.

Pay attention to this and fish for this, when you drive to shop look what is on the billborads even if it is just a header that draws your attention jot it down, keep a list of everything that you notice and implement it in your business.

Start a swipe file, tweak things and use it in your advertising campaign.

If you have product you can advertise in places that most marketers do not even think of advertising in, for instance look at classified newspapers these are cheap and most marketers are not even advertising here!

When browsing the web, you may come across awebsite that has a lot of banners on it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and there is normally a link for advertise, just contact the owner to see how much it costs and boom you can advertise there too.

There are hundreds of ways to advertise if you just open your mind and have a look what is happeneing in the world of marketing.

When something strikes your attention, use it and step out of the box. Advertise offline, this advertising is untapped, alot of people think that you have to advertise online
but that is not the case.

Simplify things and work in a different way!

Implement ideas and see how you can increase your traffic!

You can also just go to google and type in keywords like, How to advertise for free, how to get traffic to your website, ways to get traffic and you will get a lot of ideas where to go.

Go through the website and where you can advertise, contact the owners and boom you can get traffic to your website instantly.

Hope you enjoyed the video Vick Strizheus shares with you on ways and ideas to get more traffic to your website that most marketers don't think about.

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