Clara Barton

born: december 25 1821 in north oxford massachusetts and died april 12 1912 in glen echo maryland


'i may be compelled to face danger but never fear it.'


she was the youngest of five kids and grew up eager to be of service to others.when she was young her brother got in an accident and clara helped nurse him back to help.

life on the battle field

when the civil war broke out in april of 1861.barton was shocked when she discovered no preperations had been made to those who were wounded.barton new she had to help with this she opened up her apartment to as many soldiers as she could .she finally got permission to go in the field.the next three years of helping feed clothe and bandage the soldies is what gave her the name angel of the battlefield.

founding the red cross

in may 1881 barton established the first american red cross and was elected president of the orginization.the red cross helps people n a time of crisis such as damage from a big storm.