Waist Trimmer Belt

By- Tony Mejia

Features Vs. Benefits

  • The heat increases your body temperature, which could lead to better weight-loss results. Most of the weight lost is water weight.
  • The slimming effect comes from the elastic band but any loss of inches in the waist can only be attributed to exercise and a reduced calorie diet.
  • By increasing your body temperature, it causes you to sweat a lot while doing workouts.
  • The only proven effect is an increase in heat under the area where the belt is secured on the body.
  • You can wear it under your clothes.
  • Made out of a synthetic rubber.


  • Helps people lose weight
  • You can seem skinnier by simply wearing it under your clothing.
  • Shrinks your belly while wearing it.
  • Women will love the way their waist will looks like with the waist trimmer.
  • This product are for people who are trying to look smaller for a certain date or occasion. Using the waist trimmer serves as an temporary illusion.


It can be bought at Kmart, Walmart, Gmc, Amazon, and sears. The price for a belt can be anywhere from $10 to $20. They always appear on commercials on tv. They can also be in ads on videos on YouTube or websites.


The McDavid brand is one of the companies that offers the belt. There many other companies that produce waist belts. All different brands have different prices but they all make you look slimmer. The flex belt which claims to tone your abs is also competition that the waist trimmer faces. The flex belt that tones your abs is an upgraded waist belt. Its not truly that much better because many people believe it doesn't work.

Future of Competition

EazyFit is a company that also make and sells waist trimmers. Their product is meant for people who workout. They encourage you to workout. Easy fit offers personal training. People have come up with better belts like ab belts.

List of all the Waist Trimmers

  • Flex Belt
  • Leptigen
  • Plexus Slim
  • Sensa
  • Quick Trim

Layman's Term

The waist trimmer belt is a rubber thick belt that goes around your stomach. The belt is really strong so it traps your belly and its makes appear like you have no belly. For many female users, it defines the waist.

Products and Services That Improve Satisfaction

  • Slim n Lift for Men Trim Compression T-Shirt
  • Sport bras
  • Hairstyles
  • Workout videos
  • Gym membership
  • Workout gear


McDavid developed a waist trimmer belt for people that have back injuries or have problems with weight loss. They haven't been selling it for that long. The belt was a bit popular from 2009 to 2012. Other companies also started developing new products. McDavid is a company that offers a waist trimmer belt that often gets good reviews. Another company that makes waist trimmer is Gold’s gym. They were founded in 1969 by Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr after he created the first knee brace for football. For a long time they made knee braces but they adapted and started to create more gear. They have been growing more and more because famous athletes use their gear.

The company McDavid has spread to different countries like Japan and Europe. That means that the product will keep selling all around the world in the future. It really hasn't improved and has been constant. The competition has also not been improving and has also stayed constant.

Market Leader? Trends?

The waist trimmer belt was a market leader at one point. Competition started catching up and have come up with better ideas like the creation of the flex belt or any type of belt that claims to help you get abs.

I feel like it started a trend but it's slowly fading away.

Me as a Sales Manager

I would move it more towards fashion instead sports gear. In reality no athlete uses that. The waist trimmers should be used whenever there's a special occasion or a date. I would also make it less sporty looking because it'd be moving towards fashion.

Target Audience

Usually ages from 20-60. Race is not specified. Waist trimmers are usually $20 so their income can be good and bad. Location is usually all around the United States and come foreign countries like in Europe. Japan also had waist trimmers. Interests and hobbies can be hanging with friends and going to parties. Lifestyle, someone who like to have fun but is insecure with themselves. The most obvious buyer is someone who is overweight and doesn't feel good about their bodies.

Staying in Contact

Make my own website. Make social medias like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I would make cards with phone number and email. After the purchase, I would have employees keep up with the customers.

4 P's


I would not overdo promotion. The waist trimmers have always focused a lot on promotion and trying to sell it. They need to stop worrying about commercials and start improving their product. I would remove the waist trimmers from workout channels. Most commercials always use slim people to show the product. I would have bigger people in the commercials.


I would make it cheaper. The product isn't that expensive to make. If people start seeing that the price is not much, they'll be willing to buy it. Most of the time, they have no idea whether the belt works or not so usually they are not trying to spend a lot.


I would start selling it in clothing stores like Macy's, Dillard's, Jcpenney, and most department stores. I would also remove it from sport stores. Since they truly don't help you lose weight, there's no reason for it to be in a sports store like Dicks or Academy.


They should start making different colors so the waist trimmer can blend into their clothing. They also need to improve the size of it for bigger people. They should also make it less tight but tight enough to make a difference. No one wants to sweat during a date or special occasion.


I chose this product because I believe it has a huge potential to be great. The waist trimmer belt has been out for a while but it was never been that successful. The basic idea of a rubber belt that makes you appear skinnier sounds like such a good thing. There’s so many people that are insecure about their bodies. The waist trimmer belt will make any overweight person look slimmer. The ads should truly stop lying and claiming that the belt will make you lose weight. If someone is trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is by having a proper diet and exercising. I learned that some waist trimmer can help back problems and can protect your back. I learned that most companies focus a lot on promotion but they never improve the product. I enjoyed this project because it can help you in the future if you are trying to do something having to do with business. I also liked this project because you get to learn more about a certain product.