The best of days !!!!

😀 😋

Today ( March 24 ) at 5:30

I got on my mom's computer and logged onto my messenger to see who has texted me, and i was shocked because, one of my friends that told me not to him anymore so, I did what he said. An yesterday i got a text from him " telling me that he wanted us to start texting again like we use to, I said, " okay fine we can start texting again I guess. "

1/25/16 Got a new puppy or dog

A dog I had for a long time passed away, so had to get a new dog today was very happy because, we got him after I got out of school. He looks kinda like this dog in this picture i'm putting. ▶︎

Going to be my birthday soon !! ( May 23 )

I'm so happy because, my birthday is coming up in May can't wait i'm going to have a big party were friends & family. Its going to look like the 50s so and oldie thing kinda.