The Big Bad Wolf

James Patterson

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

When Alex Cross, a single father of three, joins the FBI in Washington D.C., he is suddenly in deeper than he thought. Because of his past detective experience, Alex is rising in the ranks quicker than he thought. After a few simple cases, he finds himself involved in a missing person case. After Elizabeth Conally, a middle aged mother, gets kidnapped, Alex does some searching and realizes this isn't the first case of women disappearing without a trace. The FBI soon becomes aware of a human slave trade, where individuals are being bought and sold for thousands of dollars. A Russian mafia leader called ''The Wolf" seems to be behind it. This man is wanted all around the world, and seems to be involved in everything from drugs to stolen cars. Wolf leaves almost no trace of himself. but is known to be one of the most dangerous men in the world. As this case starts to get intense, Alex's home life starts to boil over as well. The mother of his youngest child comes back into Alex's life, but its not for the reasons Alex hoped for. As this case gets more and more twisted, things become dangerous for not only Alex, but for his family as well.

What will happen to Alex? Is his life in danger? Who is the Wolf, and will he ever be stopped? Will Alex's family be torn apart?

Read, "The Big Bad Wolf" by James Patterson to find out!

"You will never find the Wolf. But he will find you."

In libraries everywhere December 17th!

James Patterson

James Patterson, "the man who can't miss" has devoted his life to writing classic thrillers and children's books. He has written so many thriller books that a study in 2011 shown 1 in every 4 thriller books was written by Patterson. He has received over ten awards and has started scholarships worth one million dollars in 20 colleges around the United States.