Sydney Vonesh

Maui, Hawaii

airfare cost and schedule

I have a connecting flight from Denver to Portland to San Francisco to Hawaii. I am leaving Denver with a friend at 8:19am and arriving at Portland at 10:12am. I will leave Portland, Oregon at 11:11am and arrive in San Francisco, California at 1:03pm. I will leave California at 2:41pm then arrive in Hawaii at 5:07pm. This flight to Maui Hawaii is long but worth it. Flights aren't always fun but it makes you happier when you think about where your'e going to! Assuming that we will eat food and buy some items at the airport, it will add about $50 to the total.

For 2 adults the total cost is $1430.00 with tax the total is $1568.00. So overall, the total cost is $1618.00.!


When it comes to trips I always want a robust place I can come and relax in. I have chose a significant hotel to stay in, it's called Four Seasons Resort. It is about $699 per night and I will be staying 14 nights. Trip Advisor gave me the cost of $789 per night. But I decided to go $100 cheaper! About the ideal hotel is this hotel because I want access to internet, a jaw-dropping view, splendid room service, a place to relax, and just overall a vast, safe place to stay. Four Seasons Resort has all of these elements and it's a tremendous way to go. This resort has a beautiful sight see of the ocean and mountains from every room and a balcony on the room I will be staying in. This astonishing resort has palm trees next to the pool and a beautiful night view with lights that glisten on the pool. This amazing pool is fairly big with lounge chairs. The room service is marvelous, I read on this review. The hotel has a nearby beach that you can walk to, feel the cool water cleave in between your toes, and appreciate the view and ocean even better. I think this resort will make my trip 10 times better than it would be without it.


My first activity will be skydiving in Maui. It is called Skydive Hawaii, short and sweet! The price is $175 per person so for 2 people the cost is $350. This price is reasonable because you skydive from 14,000 feet. I am taking the class that is first-time-skydiving This activity was so cool. Have you even gone on the Tower of Doom at Elitches? Did you stomach feel like it was going to come out of your mouth? Well this is not the feeling. Who wants to feel uncomfortable while falling from the sky? This is an amazing experience because you are just falling and it is super cool. First, you jump out a helicopter at about 14,000 feet, the rest of the experience is just one thing but it feels like a million things are happening. You drop through the air and clouds and a bunch of wind flies up in your face. The excursion goes by so fast its hard to believe! As you reach the bottom you see a bulls eye and just 100 feet before you land your parachute inflates! This experience is so amazing and I will do it again sometime!

The second activity I will be doing is surfing. It's called Maui surfing school. The cost will be about $46 per person. Our total cost will be $92. Very cheap! The instructor will give the basic lessons on how to ride a wave. They include the items to surf and it is for 2 hours. I was so happy I booked this excursion because the experience is just amazing. When you first pull up to the surfing booth with the bright blue water in the background you get a burst of excitement inside. After the workers give you the scuba suits, surfboard and all the items needed, you drag yourself through the thick sand and finally to the water. I was one of the first people to get out in the water. The crew and I waited for a perfect wave strong enough to hold me and easy enough for a beginner. When the wave came I stroked my hands through the water and I hopped up on my board. It took me awhile to realize I was gliding on water! I felt so happy! Surfing is so fun and I definitely recommend it for people to try sometime in their life.

My final activity is zip lining! It is called Piiholo Ranch Zip line. The expense is $198 plus my friend which is a total of $396. When you first get strapped into the harness and tie all of the knots and get hooked onto the line you get what it feels like a trillion butterflies in your stomach. You are excited and you get a feeling that you are some sort of dare devil. The zip lining guy pushed me so hard that my head whipped back! As you soar through the air all of the butterflies disappear and you feel so alive! This was so amazing because the sight see is beautiful! You see the ocean from a distance and a lot of green moist trees. The view was just gorgeous, and that's what I wanted most of all on this trip.

My total for all three activities will be $988. This is expensive but it will definitely will be worth it.




Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I will be looking out for one problem during my trip; crime. Crime in Maui is not that high but you always need to be aware. But luckily this problem can be prevented and solved. To solve this problem, you need to have a good eye and think outside the box. Get a good look of the person and report it to the Maui police. To prevent crime is pretty easy. Do not carry around anything super valuable, and if the robbery is in your hotel room, then make it so they can't find, hide it somewhere safe. Basically this is the key to crime prevention. There is always another choice; taking a self defense class. :)


Overall my 14-night trip to the astonishing island Maui, Hawaii was a blast. This has been an amazing cultural experience. My favorite part of the whole trip was probably skydiving. This activity was just an awesome experience to be involved in. I am very happy I made the reservation. My least favorite part of the trip was flying. I am not a big fan of flying! I would've like it better if my flight didn't have 2 stops in between my home and my destination. The hotel I stayed it was absolutely amazing. It was probably the most expensive part of the trip but it was definitely worth it! If I am planning on going on a trip again, this is definitely the first place I will pick!