Texas State University

It's a great day to be a Bobcat!!

Location, Environment, and Size

Texas State University is located in San Marcus, Texas. With 486 acres for the main campus, it has an additional 5,038 acres. Texas state University is in a rural area and its coed, so its a mix of female and males.

Admission Requirements and Academics

For an entering freshman you must have all requirements in before

  • May 1st (fall)
  • November 15 (spring)
  • Sat- 920/1270
  • Act- 20/29
They have over 20 different majors you can major in some are

  • Business and Administration
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Engineering and MAth

College Expenses, Financial Aid/Scholarships, and Housing

For a Texas resident you would pay $18,320 for a whole year which includes everything in the price. If you are a non-resident of Texas you would pay $29,200 for a whole year at Texas State University. If you are applying for Financial Aid then the dead line to register for it is March 15th. There's many scholarships you can get from Texas State University. Two of them are the Presidents honor scholarship and the Texas State Achievement scholarship. Just like the scholarships there is many different types of housing plans you can get. One of them is the Chautauqua hall. IT consist of single/double occupancy rooms, 2 classrooms, lounge rooms with a projector . This will cost $3,894 per semester.

Facilities, Activities, and Campus visit

Texas State University have many things you can do recreational wise. There's a gold course, Aquatics sports center, sports club and boot camps. If Greek life is your thing then TSU have different types of Greek clubs you can join. Sports are just about the same for girls and boys. They have Basketball, baseball/softball, cross country, football, and volleyball. Bobcat days is something fun to go to