Dancer Recruitment Week

Dancer Recruitment Week is upon us!

Top of Morton Hill

Monday, October 12th - Friday, October 16th

11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Please read the below information carefully!

- Schedule of Events -

Monday 10/12 - Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser!

Promote our BDubs fundraiser and pass out flyer's.

Tuesday 10/13 - Pie Day!

Individuals who sign up to dance or donate to BobcaThon get to pie someone of their choice in the face.

Wednesday 10/14 - #WhyWeDanceWednesday!

Share the story and mission behind why we dance & encourage everyone to attend Robert's Zumba class 8:15 p.m. @ Ping!

Thursday 10/15 - Throwback Thursday!

Dance of the decades is about to get funky! Throwback prizes such as slap bracelets and more will be available for individuals who sign up to dance.

Friday 10/16 - #FTKFriday!

FT Who? FTK! Encourage people to design their own FTK sign or color a picture for the RMHC!

- Special Promotions -

  • Follow us on Twitter @BobcaThon and Instagram @BobcaThon and get a BobcaThon sticker! -- Individuals must show us that they followed both accounts

  • Sign up as a dancer during dancer recruitment week and attend the follow up dancer info meeting (2 weeks after DRW) and get a special BobcaThon gift (still being finalized).

***These promotions will last all week

a note from the Director of Dancer relations

Dancer recruitment week is a week long event to recruit dancer's and spread the word about Ohio University's dance marathon. One of our most important goals for the week is getting students to sign up to dance, but more importantly letting them know WHY we dance. This is an opportunity for us to share the amazing mission of the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio with our fellow bobcats and offer them the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I encourage everyone to take the time to engage with students, speak with passion, and share the spirit of RMHC & BobcaThon with our peers this next week. Let's recruit some dancer's and keep making miracle's this week!


Katie Pellegrini