Secondary Science

February 15, 2016

Agenda for the Morning

8:00 Sign in and gather with your PLC group

8:05 Begin 5E model introduction

8:40 Begin Formative Assessment presentation

9:20 Complete and turn in tasks and begin planning with your PLC group for the rest of the six weeks

11:00 Lunch Break

Task for the day

We are trying something different with our District Professional Development today. Please follow the instructions as we make our way through our training this morning. There will be a reflection page that each teacher will need to complete following our presentation on the 5E and Workshop Models. Our next section will be information on three types of formative assessments. Each subject group will create two formative assessments from the three that were shown today, for an upcoming unit of study. After you have completed the assignments for the presentations, you will work the rest of the morning with your PLC group in planning the rest of the six weeks and year.

Let's Get Started, Watch the Introduction video.

Feb 15 Introduction

Watch video on 5E instructional model


Watch the Recap of the 5E Model

Recapping the 5E

Discuss any issues with the 5E model or discuss questions with your team.

Watch the presentation on the Workshop Model

Workshop Model Explanation of Steps

5E and Workshop Wrap-Up

There are several teachers that are using the 5E model perfectly and we encourage you to continue to do that. For those that will be using the Workshop model, the district would like you to incorporate the 5Es into the Workshop Model structure. You were given places where the Es could possibly fit. Some teachers have the Es on their Workshop template and we encourage you to do that. The 5E steps are very important along with the student work section of the Workshop Model, so the idea is for these to coexist.

Use the link to a google document to answer some questions on the 5E and Workshop model. Each teacher will answer these questions themselves and submit the answers, however you make work through this as a group to share ideas.

Individually complete the google form below, but you may work through it with your team.

Once you have your first assignment complete, watch the presentation on Formative assessments.

Formative Assessment Presentation

Formative Assessment Wrap-UP and Assignment

There are many choices on how to check for learning in your classroom. We have shown you three examples that you can work with to make your own. Our assignment for this section is for you to create two formative assessments for an upcoming unit like the three examples that we have shown today. Each grade/subject will turn in two formative assessments. Example, Biology/PAP Biology will create and turn in two assessments as a group. Example, 6th Science at each campus will create two assessments to turn in . The idea is for us to have several that we can share. Refer back to the presentations if necessary for examples and ideas. I have two blank templates attached above if you want to use them. Please make a copy of these before you start typing on them. After your group has created their formative assessments, please share those with me in Google Drive. I will put a folder together for us later so we have somewhere to share the formatives. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Share your newly created formative assessments with me in Google Drive and then your team can plan for the rest of the six weeks and year.

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