Battle Of Iwo Jima

DATE: The Battle of Iwo Jima was fought on February 16, 1945 and ended in march 19, 1945.

NATIONS: The United States and Japan.

WHERE: In Iwo Jima just off the coast of Japan.

SIGNIFICANT: It was significant because it was the bloodiest battle the Marine Corps has ever had and it was the biggest battle too and so many people died and we won.

CASUALTIES: 7,000 Americans died and about 17,000 Japanese Died and more than 200 were put into camps.

WHO WON: The Allies won the battle.

INTERESTING FACTS: The battle went on for 31 days. It was the first major battle of World War 2 to take place in Japan. Japan dug underground tunnels to suprise the Americans when they got their and they got ambushed.
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