The Doctor Will See You Now

By Daniel Lacey

Are you the next Surgeon?

Surgeons are patient, determined, and hard working figures who preform the surgeries that are saving lives every day. If you like working with people, this is the job for you. You are constantly operating on people. Do you like helping people? If you do, then you should get this job! The world population is growing which means more people are getting hurt. The world needs more surgeons! The pay isn't half bad either: 255,000 dollars! This is an awesome job

The only downside to being a surgeon is that it takes 13 years to become one. You need 8 years of intense medical college training. Then after that you need to be a doctor for 5 years till you can finally become a surgeon. But the wait is worth it! With the pay, working with people, the hours aren’t bad. This is a great job!