Catharine Beecher

She is the fantastic woman that reformed school for girls

How it all started

Catharine was born the 6th of September 1800 and died May 16th 1878. She was the eldest daughter of one of the most remarkable families of the 19th century . She grew-up in the atmosphere of learning but because she is a female she was not able to have a vary formal education. Wen she completed her studies she became a teacher in 1821. When she then moved in Ohio in 1839 she opened her own Women Institute, but for financial difficulties the institute had to stay closed for five years. In 1852 she founded the American Woman's Educational Association, this association helped to train the teachers. Beecher then started writing to introduce domestic science to American schools. Her biggest success was the book A treatise on domestic economy published in 1841.
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Against women suffrage

Catherine was asked many times to write about suffrage. Catherine was against Female suffrage, which was in a big contrast with what her sisters thought. Suffrage is the right to vote, for example black men in America did not have the right to vote. "Americans women would regard the gift of the ballot not as a privilege conferred but as an oppression, forcing them to assume the responsibilities of a men, for which they are not, and can not, be qualified,"Beecher wrote in her book Female Suffrage(1870). She thought that politics could only distract women from their main task of maintaining the moral fabric of the United states.

Equality in the domestic sphere.

She championed female education reform. Catherine Beecher had the idea of men and women as equal. She thought that they had the same rights and they were to be treated the same way. Her goal was to elevate the importance of the women so that it would become equal to the men. Beecher thought that if the woman was to stay at home and the men in the world then the woman should have an education on how to raise children, home economics, domestic concerns which are as equally valuable as the one that men have in business, law, medicine. Beecher in fact wrote a lot of cooking books for women to study from. The most famous one was Domestic Receipt-book that was published in 1864.

Primary source

"It is the right and duty of every woman to employ the power of organization and agitation in order to gain those advantages which are given to the one sex and unjustly withheld from the other."

Primary source analysis:

A-Catherine Beecher she was born in 1800 and died 1878. She thinks that every woman had to get to power to gain the same advantages as men.

P- the quote was delivered on December 10, Boston Music Hall.

P- I can understand that she wants men and women to be equal, and she wants women to gain their power.

A- this quote was said in front of a huge audience at the Boston Music Hall

R- I was produced at this time because it was the time when women reforms started to defend the feminine power.

The main idea- The main idea of the source is that every women has the task to gain power.

The importance of this quote is because its one of the firs times that a women tells the people that women have the duty to get to power and she was one of the first ones together with her sisters do defend the tasks of the women.

Multiple choice question

What was her most famous book?

a. Domestic life of women

b. daily life of women

c. treatise on domestic economy

d. the life of cooks