Chilean Trade

By: Robert Tavius and Trent

Our Vineyards ship the best quality grapes in all of the world to America!

We transport our grapes through boats so that they don't get damaged. The benefits to americas that they can have the best grapes in the world. The reason they import from us is that they do ve good conditions and simply just can't grow them. Grapes need a warm sunny climate which Chile has to offer.

Other Common Exports from Chile

Top 3 Largest Cities, Economy, and MORE!

Santiago: 5,128,000 peoples the capital city.

Puente Alto: 802,109 people.


Chile has a market economy. Because of our common trading,Chile has one of the best economies in all Of South America! Chile is the 7th largest country in South America. Chile is home to almost two dozen mountain ranges!

Chile Historical Timeline

Some of Chile's major historical moments were in 1998: President Pinochet presides over a ruthless regime. 2000: socialist return to power. 2010: earthquake devastates beginning of right wing rule. 2010 Aug. 5: Fate of trap miners rivets the nation. 2010:Plan for Hydroelectric Dams Causes Outrage, and in 2011: Chilean Youth Call for Reform. 2013: Bachelet Regains the Presidency.