Book of Love

Siddhartha Project 2014 Alexis Chiera

The factors love plays in my life

Love is my relationships with my family and my friends. Love determines my relationship within myself, and overall love is essential for everything involving another human being. Love can be an enormous amount of feelings in one, with love you feel anger, sadness, happiness, and joy. Personally, I think love is everything in life. Love is an amazing thing, and primarily, love brings happiness.


Who Am I?

I am…


Kaleena’s daughter

Anthony’s sister

Anthony’s daughter

Donna’s granddaughter

Samantha’s cousin

I am…

a lover

a fighter

a writer

a forgiver

I am…




I am…



I am…


My life in emojis


Soapstone of Just The Way You Are

Title: Just The Way You Are

Author: Bruno Mars


Subject words:

  • Amazing
  • Face
  • Beautiful
  • Perfectly
  • Everyday
  • Smile
  • Girl
  • Stares
  • Change
  • You
  • Stars

Audience: This piece is intended for a girl that the author is in love with.

Purpose: The author wrote this piece to express his love for a girl he thinks is perfect inside and out.

Theme: The theme of the song is self-confidence. He's telling her to have confidence and keeps continuing on about how she's beautiful and how she should never change.


A girl who's a self-conscious girlfriend.

A man who's a complimentary boyfriend.

Tone: The tone of this song is supportive.

"And it's so, it's so sad to think that she doesn't see what I see"

Conflict: External Conflict: Him vs. Her

The girl isn't seeing the beauty in herself that he sees.

Literary Devices: Hyperboles

"When she stops the whole world stops and stares for awhile."

"Her eyes make the stars look like their not shinin'."


Imagery: "Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining

Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying."

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