Julius Caesar

For Roman Expansion

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Biographical Information

Caesar had a rich family and great leadership but that all ended when he was murdered by being stabbed 36 times but we will get to that later. Caesar disfavor with Sulla forced him to leave Rome for Asia Minor where he had great success.After Sulla died he returned to Rome and began a political career for the people and they loved him. His connection with the people was far better than the senate. Fearing his power 49 B.C.E forced him to leave the area and is now an enemy to the republic.Caesar created an army he then marched into Italy and just demolished every enemy he could find. Caesar returned to Rome and became too powerful for people to handle his enemies then killed him by being stabbed 36 times.

Main Points On Roman Expansion

Rome in the early days were either ruled by or threatened by outsides. First the Etruscans seized Rome in the mid 600s B.C.E. and forced to accept rule by kings.Romans wanted to have a government like the Greeks so they began to rebell against the poor treatment of the Etruescan king and formed the Roman Rebublic. Rome still faced constand danger from outsiders even after it's own government. Gual tribes attacked and killed many who resitsed it's fighting, they burned gown the city and left back to the north only after a huge fine was paid by the Romans. In the Punic Wars Hannibal a genaral from Carthage threatend Romes survival. His troops conquered much of Italy Hannibal remained in Italy for 15 years Romans had great losses in money and lives untill he was driven out . After fighting fierce tribes from foreign countries and ending the Punic Wars no one atackedRome on it's soil.

Caesars Kindom And Himself