Coconut coverd chocolate balls


Today I am writing to you about coconut coverd chocolate ball. This recipe has been passed down in my family for loads of years, around 50 actually and it is a mouthwatering dessert.


All you will need for this awesome dessert is 50g coconut,200g chocolate,1 lime,1 lemon, teaspoons, small bowl, and a tray with round shapes in it (doesn't really matter what shapes the tray has).


1 . First of all you will need to get the chocolate in to the shape, so put the chocolate in the tray. Get around three squares of chocolate and put all three squares into each hole in the tray, melt for around 20 seconds and you should be ready for the next step
2 . Once you have completed that you will need to wait for the chocolate to set so to speed this up you can put the tray full of awesomeness in the fridge, while the chocolate is setting you should clear your space E.G. wash dishes, you can also put your coconut in a bowl.
3 . Drizzle a tiny bit more chocolate over each ball, get your coconut and tea spoons and put around 2 tea spoons of coconut on each and every chocolate ball (you want to sprinkle the coconut very lightly).
4 . Once you are finished doing step 3 put them back in the fridge but this time put them in for 5 minutes, take them out after the 5 minutes if you want you can grate some lemon and/or lime to give it that little kick.


Finally you can eat the chocolate balls. my family and I hope you have enjoyed making them as much as you will enjoy eating them