12 Days of Ruby Red Razzle DAZZLE!

Weekend Challenge!!

This Challenge is Sponsored by the fabulous Stars Morgan Bell & Billie Conger! They are BOTH giving away one of these!

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Let's Share the STYLE YOUR LIFE!

We all had a different reason for starting this business.

~Couldn't resist the jewelry
~Wanted something extra
~Wanted a flexible career
~Wanted a hobby

~Loved the Stella & Dot community

Regardless of your reason WHY....aren't you so glad that you found Stella & Dot? This challenge is simple and it involves sharing the opportunity. So if you've been looking for a reason to sponsor...but didn't know how...today is your day start!

Here's my philosophy on sponsoring:


When first approaching someone don't act like it's a serious career change or bog them down with all the specifics. Just invite them to learn more!!

Then wait and see what they say. Most people start Stella & Dot because they think it would be fun, a way to earn some extra money, they'll get free jewelry and it seems like an incredibly chic company to be part of.

It's not until after they sign up....
that they can truly see the opportunity that exists!

So don't over complicate things.


Weekend Challenge:
Email a Note & Then MAIL an Opportunity Brochure/Lookbook to FIVE Prospects!

Here's an idea for a past customer, friend or hostess....

"Hi Jane, I hope you had a great week! It was so fun to see you last week.

So I can't stop thinking about this so I'm just going to put it out there...and you might think I'm totally nuts...but I think you would make a fabulous Stella & Dot stylist!

You love the jewelry, you're so fashionable and I know you'd love our team and they'd love you. Worst case scenario....you'll end up with some fabulous accessories. I have stylists who are truly just hobbyists. I know you're so busy....but I just can't resist sharing this with you!

It was five years ago this month that I started Stella & Dot and never in a million years I thought I'd be doing this business...and I'm so glad I looked into the company more. It's an amazing and fabulous company to be part of.

I'm dropping you a little info in the mail. Just take a look......


PS. Love this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtUPngQOWRE

The one challenge you HAVE to do!!

Here's the deal....you don't have to recruit full-time stylists. Maybe they'll only do one trunk show a month.....that's okay! That's what's great about this business. Who knows...maybe you'll promote a rock star??

Lots of people have lots of different reasons for starting a Stella & Dot business. For some it's a need for something else in their life, something of their own, something to get them out of the house....but for a lot it's the need for ADDITIONAL FAMILY INCOME.

SHARE this opportunity.

It could change someone's future!!

I know it changed mine.

Aren't you glad someone shared this opportunity with YOU?

Good luck ladies.



Who doesn't want to be part of
this kind of fabulous fun?

Meet the STARS!

Morgan Bell - Star Stylist

My Story:
I joined Stella & Dot in January 2012 after hosting my own show with the fabulous Angie Clifton. I was a corporate referral but I have absolutely no doubt it was fate that brought us together because she's the sister I never had. After I received my first order, I literally jumped up and down out of excitement. I was working in a small, gray, government office surrounded by men and REALLY needed some style in my work-life! I joined S&D because I wanted to make some extra money and have fabulous jewelry. I've remained a stylist because I can't imagine my life without you women! At one point I was looking to move away from KC. Sure, I would have missed my friends and network, but I knew the hardest group to leave would have been my S&D family. That's when I realized and fully understood the S&D mission. You women are my tribe, my people. My why is to live the life I love and to continue growing my business to have financial freedom. And during that I hope to provide other amazing women with the opportunity. We have a golden ticket.

My Top Tip:

Make a point to do a little bit to move your business forward each day. If you are consistently working your business it won't feel as much like work!

Both Stars Are Gifting this AMAZING Sparkle Wallet...Here is Why..

"I love this Kate Spade wallet because it's super slim but can still hold everything you need. It's especially perfect to use with a crossbody. Plus, how much fun is this color?! It's so fabulous...just like all of you!!" - Morgan

"I love this Kate Spade wallet! It has just enough sparkle to be used as an evening clutch and the rose gold color looks great in any bag! And it's fabulous...just like YOU!" - Billie

Billie Conger - Star Stylist

My Story:
I went to my first Trunk Show almost Three Years ago at my best friends home Angela Suddath who was hosting a Trunk Show. I was a customer and loved everything I saw! At the time I was working very full time with two little ones. I decided to host a Trunk Show that holiday season and still loved it all! My hostess Anne Walton had mentioned a time or two that this is definitely something I should try on for size but timing was way off. I was working full time and just saw no way I could squeeze one more thing in. Fast Forward to the following Spring and my husband took a new job which relocated us to St. Louis. I found myself being at home with my kiddos, which I was very happy about but really didn't know a lot of people. I ended up scheduling a Trunk Show with Anne again that November and luckily she reminded me that this was totally something I should do. Im so glad I decided to make my trunk show my debut show! That was just last November and this November I promoted to STAR. I have been so incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing team which consist of some of my dearest friends and new ones! I love this gig more and more every day and cant wait to see what 2015 holds in store!

My Tip:
My tip would be to pick up the phone! I first started emailing everyone about doing trunk shows and the stylist opportunity and I quickly got annoyed that I was now on their schedule of getting back to me. Once I started picking up the phone and telling people "Hey, you should totally host a show" or "You know, you would be great at what I do" It all started to click. I think they could hear the enthusiasm in my voice and it wasn't something they had to follow up with me on. Sometimes its scary to really put yourself out there but I love that its at least in my control vs waiting to hear back.