Mishler Memo

September 4, 2015 Volume 3, Number 5

"LIFE is all about making MISTAKES and LEARNING from them."--Author Unknown/Poster in Mr. Bumgardner's Room

What's new WMS?

Starfish of the week...

Jason Scott to Becca Nguyen for her caring nature toward everyone and is very reflective in all areas of teaching.

Jace Stewart to Peggy Cook for her patience when it comes to technology and needed fixes.

Welcome to our WMS Family

Ashleigh Friedrich is our new paraprofessional. Welcom Ashleigh!!!


You should be completing your self-assessments and finalizing your professional goals.


If you would like to contact our PTO, e-mail them at wmspto@wawasee.k12.in.us




Ongoing NWEA is in full swing

September 8 Baker's Youth Club Starts, School Board Meeting

September 9 Intruder Drill 1:10

September 11 Faculty Meeting 7:40

September 14 6th Grade Bullying Convocation by Chief Ciriello (2:30-3:20)

September 16 Algebra Parent Meeting in Lecture Room 6:00-7:00 pm

September 17 Fundraiser Start Date (HR 7th Meets from 8:15-8:25/8th Grade 8:30-8:40 and WT 6th meets from 11:00-11:25)

September 21 Chip Olson-Financial Advisor at WMS from 11:00-1:00

October 6 Fundraiser Forms Due

October 8 Health Screening @WMS for staff


5 John Blunk

11 Tom Dickerson

21 Nancy Rehling

26 Diane Hauser

27 Heather deSomer

28 Tamie Spangle

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

Location will be in the Lecture Room unless noted otherwise.

*Reminder to bring that small item that represents you for the staff trophy case if you have not done so already.

September 9, 2015 Web Presence/Teacher Page Link from Corporation Website

September 16, 2015 Google Sites

Upcoming Student Events!

9/5/2015 9:00AM B/G Cross Country Away Manchester Jr Hi Manchester Invite

9/8/2015 5:00PM Boys 8th Grade Football Away vs. Riverview MS

9/8/2015 5:00PM Boys 7th Grade Football Away vs. Riverview MS

9/8/2015 5:30PM B/G Soccer Away vs. Argos Jr/Sr High School

9/10/2015 4:30PM Girls 6th Grade Volleyball Away vs. Milford MS

9/10/2015 4:30PM Girls 7th and 8th Volleyball Home vs. Milford MS

9/10/2015 4:45PM B/G Soccer Home vs. Northridge MS

9/10/2015 5:00 PM B/G Cross Country Home vs. Lincoln Jr Hi

9/12/2015 9:30 AM B/G Cross Country Away @Indian Springs Invitational

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Each Monday (or first day of the week), we will start Homeroom time with students responding to a quick writing prompt in their agenda, in the notes section of each week. You will find the prompt in the Mishler Memo each week.

Weekly Prompt-Students can do on separate piece of paper for now.

---What is one goal I have for this school year and how will I achieve my goal?

From the Desk of .sJ

Shut Down

Shutting down your classroom for the extended break can be an easy way for the corporation to save money and for the school to have a positive footprint on the environment. Here are the ‘best practices' when shutting down your room.

  1. shut everything down - computers (teacher station and student stations), speakers, projectors, Smart Boards
  2. unplug as much as you can WITHOUT standing on chair - do not unplug stuff in the ceiling.

Thats it!! Thats all it takes.

School Safety #1

Please discuss what you would do during team meeting and work together on what would be a good plan for you and your students. This is not an opportunity to talk about "what-if's" or complaints, it is a serious reflection of "what you would do" if presented with the scenerio:

Mrs. Jonsson interrupts the school day with an announcement: “Faculty and Staff, assume lock down procedures and check your email”. Email states: “A Syracuse police officer has been shot near Burger King in Syracuse. Suspects are considered armed and dangerous and on the loose”. That is all the information you have at this moment. Discuss and log what you would do.

*There is no wrong answer, use each other for a resource.*

Have a safe, and long, weekend.

Shawn J

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Wawasee ACT Committee

What is ACT? ACT stands for Assessment, Curriculum, and Teaching.

The committee consists of a diverse group of people working together to ensure that Wawasee remains accredited while moving forward in the world of education. The committee has team members from every building, who represent someone in the following positions: parents (SES/WMS Rep. -Mrs. Maggie Brunner, NWES/WMS Rep.-Lyn Crighton), teachers (WMS Rep. -Jason Scott), and school administrators (WMS Rep. -Mrs. Susan Mishler). There are also district level representatives with Dr. Edington, Joy Goshert, and Wendy Hite serving. The committee is facilitated by Phil Metcalf. This year the committee will be preparing for the AdvancEd visit and accreditation that the corporation will be working through next year. As the year progress there will be talking about standards we must achieve to remain accredited, technology talk, assessments and other topics as they become important to Wawasee Community School’s successes.
Skyward Quick Link

There is also a Skyward Mobile App---free!

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Wawasee Middle School

WMS Athletics Twitter @ATHLETICSWMS

Remind 101 (for delays/cancellation/important info)

text @e491 to (219) 312-1032

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