Conservation vs. Preservation

Alex Hernandez

What is Conservation and Preservation

Conservation- the act of to protect something from harm or danger.

Preservation- to maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm

What is it that really needs to be conserved?

The things that really need to be preserved or conserved, in this world, are the things that there are only so much of or that things that will be impossible to redo or remake. Some examples of those things would be like endangered species, endangered habitats, and nonrenewable resources. The lake below is an example of an endangered habitat because of improper waste management. This lake is a good example of something that needs better conservation because nobody is keeping people from leaving their trash there or maybe even putting nuclear run off into the lake. The last example I have is nonrenewable resources like clean water. there is only so much of it in the world and people take that for granted. People should be more conservative with their clean water because it is something that takes a while to comeback to the environment and if we use to much to fast we could end up in a drought causing the surrounding ecosystem to suffer.

Examples: of conservation

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What should be preserved?

One of the most important things in this world that needs to be preserved is animals. For example some of the endangered animals in Texas would be the golden-cheeked warbler or the whooping crane. These animals can be crucial in their food web and if they do go extinct it could cause a major imbalance in the ecosystem.

Examples: preservation

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