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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - May 18


Due to your generosity, we were able to provide the family in need with a $275 Walmart gift card as well as many arts & crafts donations. In addition to these items, there were also some games, food, and a gift card for pizza. The family was very appreciative, and so am I. Thank you to Brianne for organizing our generosity towards this family. I was contacted over the weekend by another person organizing another donation to this same family - amazing.

At the same time, we were ready as a staff to fund every 5th grader's yard sign (thank you to Sarah W.) Plus I know the many ways each of you have given of yourselves during this time for students (the postal service must be thriving right now because of teachers around the nation). Lakeview is a special place.

It's amazing to think that, at Lakeview, teacher appreciation week was followed immediately by student appreciation week in the generosity described above. There is something inspiring about that reciprocal relationship.

Yard signs go out today!

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Report Card comment spreadsheet

Here is the link to the report card spreadsheet for you to begin using.

My suggestion:

1. Enter your comments for students that have engaged thus far.

2. Submit possible stems for students that have not engaged thus far on this document from last week's staff meeting for review by each other and the elementary principals.

3. Continue your excellent efforts to push student engagement in Phase V (writing it with a Roman numeral makes Phase 5 look somehow evil. Too bad we won't make it to Phase X.)

4. Once we arrive at a non-engagement statement, it will be very easy for teachers to copy/paste into any empty classroom teacher cells the week of Memorial Day before comments are due on June 5.

Once again, here is the template for report cards. Once printed, your comments from the spreadsheet will appear in the boxes on page two.

SeeSaw Analytics

Usually I just put the SeeSaw analytics for the past week in the newsletter. Below are the SeeSaw analytics for the time period from March 30 through now. That was the time period for Phases I, II, III, and IV (nope, definitely not evil-looking phases). Nearly 15,000 posts in 7 weeks. There is engagement happening - a lot of it. And it's a pretty new form of engagement for us as a system. Let's keep this up and see where we are in a few weeks.
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Dreambox Stats

Our 4th and 5th grade teachers are still using Dreambox and we have a large number of students remaining active, thanks to our IV/V team (hee hee). Since we are on a stats kick, here are the Dreambox stats for the same period of time as above.
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Structural Items

Interviews for 1st grade - Mary Beth Brever and I were part of the interview team last week and we look forward to making an announcement after the school board meeting on Wednesday.

Field Trips for Fall - Dr. Weiss has asked not to plan anything at this point. If you usually book First Stage, Discovery World, etc. at this time of year for next school year, please don't. Email me if there are any individual concerns about this.

Lakeview Technology Accessibility Spreadsheet - Please keep this updated.

Remote Learning Quick Reference guide - includes links to Grade Level meetings for Thursdays.