The Tapeworm

What Does the Tapeworm Look Like?

Where Do Tapeworms Live?

Tapeworms live in the digestive system of humans and animals.

How Does the Tapeworm Feed?

A tapeworm eats by absorbing food and nutrients from the intestinal contents of its host.

How do Tapeworms Reproduce?

Tapeworms can reproduce asexual and sexual. Asexual reproduction occurs when the tap worm body is fragmented. Each fragment may contain another tapeworm. In sexual reproduction, they produce eggs and sperm.

What are the Hosts of its Choice?

Tapeworms prefer raw meat or uncooked meat.

What are the Hosts Adaptations?

The tapeworm is able to securely anchor it's head in the gut of its host. It is able to maximize absorption of digested food.

How Long Can a Tapeworm Grow?

An adult tapeworm, can grow to be about 50 feet. (15 meters)

A baby tapeworm can grow to be about 33 feet. (10 meters)

Interesting Facts!

> Tapeworms don't have a circulatory or nervous system.

> Some species have up to three hosts in their life time.

> They can live up to 20-25 years.

> They have powerful circular jaws with hooks.

> Raw meat can be a source of tapeworm larvae.