DeDominicis Nation Team Recognition

July 2014

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Half way to Nation & Trifecta Bonus: Leah McLean

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Half way to Region & Area Bonus: Anne Finn Pond!!

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New Area Manager: Lyssa Ribble

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Area Managers in Qualification!

Ashley Eklund- sponsored by Leah Barrett

Vida Florez sponsored by Stephanie Madeiros

Stephanie Madeiros sponsored by Robyn Selva

Lindsey Loeffler, sponsored by Anne Finn Pond

Sara Langley, sponsored by Katie DeDominicis

Erica Pflueger, sponsored by Katie DeDominicis

New District Managers:

Kevin McLean San Francisco CA- sponsored by Leah McLean

Janice Fraser- sponsored by Leah McLean

Sherry Garcia- sponsored by Julie Parr

Dawn Donovan, Prospect Heights IL- sponsored by Anne Finn Pond

District Managers in Qualification!

Miranda Morgan sponsored by Lyssa Ribble

Norene Lew sponsored by Leah McLean

Krisitn Mauer sponsored by Kerry Barrett

Beth Moore sponsored by Sue Buckley

Sue Buckley sponsored by Gabriel Noble

Kate Fonseca-Foster sponsored by Gabriel Noble

Emily Green sponsored by Kelley O'Rourke

Brianna Angelo sponsored by Gina Pernini Gordon

Britta Aulwes sponsored by Lindsey Loeffler

Megan Bobbe sponsored by Britta Aulwes

Heidi Krenz sponsored by Anne Finn Pond

Ashley Ramos sponsored by Alicia Olsen

Dawn O'Connor sponsored by Theresa Duffy

Lodmila Mirzad sponsored by Leah Barrett

Tara Vittoria sponsored by Charissa Guido

Kristyn Beyar sponsored by Tara Vittoria

Rita Quadrino sponsored by Charissa Guido

Julie Cohen sponsored by Charissa Guido

Annie Naylor sponsored by Chairssa Guido

Beth Oswald sponsored by Liz Abate

Brittany Forziati sponsored by Charissa Guido

Maggie Adams sponsored by Abby Arrizon

Socorro Arrizon sponsored by Abby Arrizon

Kathy Marzullo

Christine Oldknow

Esther Chang

Cecille Mendolia

Marissa Saridakis

Cynthia Ferrell

Janis Rossknecht

Alex Makabali

Mandy Hunt

Kathy Bartels

Karyn Henderson

Meagan Major

Kathy Marullo

Maryilyn Stewart

Jennifer Wilson

Theresa Duffy

Melissa Leoni

Caitlin Stewart

Susana Tovar

District Manager Bonus:

Robyn Selva

Charissa Guido

Mimi McFadden

Anne Finn Pond

Lindsey Loeffler

Theresa Corbett

Leah Barrett

Gabriel Noble

Melissa Curry

Gina Pernini Gordon

Abby Arrizon

Lyssa Ribble

Vida Florez

Leah McLean

Area Manager Bonus:

Anne Finn Pond

Robyn Selva

Leah McLean

Katie DeDominicis

Sponsoring Superstars!

Top District Sponsoring:

Anne Pond and Charissa Guido -15

Top District Sales:

Leah McLean, $19,972.5

Top Area Sponsoring:

Anne Pond 40

Top Area Sales:

Katie DeDominicis $36,863.5

Top Region Sponsoring:

Katie DeDominicis - 85

Top Region Sales:

Leah McLean $84,041.50

Region Bonus:

Leah McLean

Katie DeDominicis

Spa Day Earners:

Lara Day

Sara Langley

Mimi McFadden

Kelley O'Rourke

Julie Parr

Anne Pond

Melissa Curry

Gina Pernini

Abby Arrizon

Lyssa Ribble

Rhean Fajardo

Vida Florez

Leah McLean

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