....smore of what we did this week

Hello prek parents. In Social studies, we had a blast learning and exploring volcanoes. We learned facts from wikipedia. We watched videos on you tube. We read My Mouth is a Volcano, An Island Grows, and Harry and The Hot Lava. We drew and labeled our own volcanoes. We hung them in the classroom for all to see. We experimented with liquids to make our own volcano ERUPT!!!!!

In Language Arts, We met Vain V. We practiced our handwriting in our letter buddy journals, on our own and in our phonics books. We read our sight words, color words, and sight word sliders. We wrote LOVE notes you Mom and Dad. In math, We practiced addition, sequencing, one to one counting, and number recognition with #numbertalks. We had an awesome Valentines day party with doritos from Mr. Alaxson and red velvet cupcakes from Ms. Robyn. No school today:( ....enjoy the day!!!!

....smore of what are doing next week

We will meet a new letter buddy. We will learn about the Presidents and their jobs. We will learn about plants and continue to do some experiments with seeds. We will not have school on Monday the 15th. Thanks for ALL you do. Your children are THE BEST!!!!! Enjoy your weekends and stay warm!!!!!!
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