What's in store for this country's future?

Where is it Located?

Myanmar is South of China, North West of Thailand, West of Laos, East of India, And East of Bangladesh.

What is Myanmar succeeding at?

The Myanmar government has been making new reforms for their women's rights and people's rights, and are further improving reforms. The Myanmar government has made many (notable) reforms in the early 2000's. Unemployment has dropped .2% in the last year, and is now currently 5.4%.
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What does Myanmar need to work on?

The economy is very undeveloped, and lacks the infrastructure to gain access to valuable resources. Much of the land is used for agriculture, which Myanmar's economy is very reliant on. Due to poor distribution of wealth, and a further increasing gap in wealth, Myanmar is looking at financial crisis in the possible future.
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What's in for Myanmar's future?

Civil war broke out in January 6th, 2011 between the Kachin state, and the Myanmar military Junta. Myanmar will suffer, and gain no economic growth because of the war. The civil war restricts local trade, which is key to Myanmar's economy. Also illegal income from drug lords in the northern region of Myanmar, (Kachin state) will increase the national debt, and further increase corruption.
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