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Perhaps the most quoted line from the Dalai Lama is, “My religion is kindness.” Isn’t that simple? “My religion is kindness.” He asked, really challenging us from other world religions, “How do you teach kindness or compassion and how does this come from your understanding of God?” I had the job of representing the Christian tradition; I thought the job was rather easy, because of the feast we celebrate of God as Trinity.

Sadly, the doctrine of the Trinity hasn’t exercised much influence in the Christian understanding of God. If most Christians are questioned about their real image of God, it’s generally an old man sitting on a throne. He’s upset half the time and it’s our job to make this god happy. This, of course, has almost nothing to do with our actual doctrine on the nature of God. What our tradition believes is that God is a fountain fullness of love, a water wheel flowing constantly in one direction: Father to Son, Son to Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit to Father—always outflowing, always outpoured, always giving, never taking, but only receiving what the other gives. It would take the rest of your life to try to comprehend what that means!

Richard Rohr

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Hi Everyone,

Richard Rohr’s reflection above struck me. Don’t get stuck on one way of thinking, there’s a lot more to think about! I hope you like it too.

Our Year Three Gang impressed immensely at their assembly this morning. They were genuinely chafing at the bit to strut their stuff! And how well did they do! To them and to their teachers Trish and Anthony, thank you for such a wonderful start to Friday!

And those aren't the only moves they are busting! You will see what I mean later in this newsletter.

To the seventy seven children who participated in yesterday’s Winter Sports Carnival, thank you for giving of your best. What a remarkable day! To their coaches Kaity, Kate, Nikita, Pete, Anthony, Mike and Rob this has been such a successful day. Thank you very much for buying in and supporting these.

Today we welcomed Misty Waters, Sophie Stajka and Alexandra Coltrona who are joining the upper block next semester. They have been here for the day for induction and orientation, spending much of the day with the children they will be teaching. I express my appreciation to them for making themselves available for this very important day.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Tuesday 20 June

  • P & F Meeting 2pm in Staffroom - Please note change of time

Friday 23 June

  • Holy Rosary Cross Country - Jackadder Lake

Friday 30 June

  • NAIDOC End of Term Mass - 9am
  • NAIDOC Smoking Ceremony & Welcome to Country - 10am
  • P & F Bake Sale 12-1pm
  • End of Term 2

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On The Move

A number of our classes are changing rooms, for the long term. The process started on Wednesday. The reasons, including the timing, are around student well being. This has been the main driver.

The current Year One classes are not weathering the weather very well, despite significant resources having being committed to them in the past. They were actually slated for demolition in 2021 as part of the bigger Capital Development Plan (Stage 12) which the School Advisory Council (SAC) shared with the community at that time. However despite our SAC’s dedicated and sustained advocacy for the project, CEWA have rejected it and it appears unlikely that that stance will change in the short term. Significant works will therefore need to be undertaken on these two classes, and that can’t happen with the children in them.

That is the short version.

Herewith the detail:

  • Our Year One Dominic Class has moved to what is currently the Year Three Dominic Class.

  • Our Year One Catherine Class has moved to what is currently the Music room. With these classes also being closer to the junior primary toilets and to their playground, we believe that the change will definitely be a positive one.

  • Our Year Three Dominic Class has moved to what was to be the Art Room, near the Years 4-6 classes. It is newly refurbished.

  • Our Year Three Catherine Class will be moving to what is currently the Science room near the Years 4-6 classes. It too is newly refurbished. This move will take place next week. With the Year Three classes next to one another with a shared verandah, and (once fenced) a big grassed area on the north side to use, the amenity of the spaces will become apparent.

  • Science specialist teacher Lisa Jeffcote will move to what is currently the Year Three Catherine room.

  • Music specialist teacher Michelle Kirwan will move to what is currently the Year One Dominic classroom.

  • The Art room will be set up in what is currently the Year One Catherine classroom.

All of our specialist rooms will be near each other and in the centre of the school, making it less of a trek to get to them. Michelle will be able to bounce between the Music and Art rooms teaching her music programme depending on which one is undergoing repairs.

So, apart from that there is not much on… My sincere thanks to our staff who are doing all in their power to make the moves smooth.

Thank you for your understanding and for your kind offers of help. It means a lot.

Chicken Pox

We have had a few more cases of Chickenpox in the school, so please see below for factsheet:

SEQTA Engage Parent Log-in to access reports

It is important that you please check your log in for SEQTA Engage as early as possible so that you will be able to access your child's report at the end of this term.

To do this you need to go to the following site:


or follow the link from our school website to “SEQTA Engage - parents” and use your username and password credentials that you used previously.

New Families and PP parents were sent an email link recently inviting them to setup a username and password to SEQTA Engage. You will have 7 days to setup your username and password.

If you have remembered your username but have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot your password? link and an immediate email will be sent to you. The email will expire within one hour, so please action this immediately.

Reports will be released on SEQTA on Wednesday 28 June at 3pm.

Making Jesus Real

Displays from Pre-Primary Dominic
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School Photos Special Groups

On the day of the school photos, special group images were captured, including Netball and Faction Captains. These exclusive photos can be viewed and purchased on a unique website specifically designated for this purpose. It is essential to note that this website differs from the platform used for ordering portraits and class photos online.

To place your order online, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://mspphotography.shootproof.com/
  2. Locate your school’s name and select the album titled: Holy Rosary School Specialist Groups - 2023
  3. Enter the password to access and purchase the album. The password is: HRSSG-23
  4. During the checkout process, kindly use your child’s name for identification purposes.
  5. The images displayed are in their uncropped format but will be appropriately cropped to fit a 10x8 print, as demonstrated by the first image in the gallery.

Key points to remember:

  • Online orders will remain open until midnight on Thursday the 13th July, 2023, to take advantage of the Bulk Pricing Offer.
  • The Bulk Pricing Offer allows each print to be priced at $25.00, and they will be delivered to the school by Class Group.
  • After the expiration of the $25.00 pricing, photos will only be available for purchase over the phone at a cost of $40.00 per image, with delivery to a preferred address.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please feel free to contact MSP Photography at 9240 8000 or via email at mailto:ordering.perth@msp.com.au

Our Junior Chess Champions Joey, Noah and Jayce were celebrated at assembly today. Congratulations to you once again for your amazing chess skills! The Chess Umpires enjoyed their thank you morning tea in the sunshine on Wednesday. Year 4, 5 and 6 students have put their names down for Senior Chess which begins next week. Good luck to you all!

Mrs Butson

"Not trying is much worse than failing."
-A World Without Failures by Esther Pia Cordova

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Junior Chess Champions: Joey, Noah & Jayce

Congratulations to 2D who completed their “Feelings and Friends” program last week. 2C started their Aussie Optimism journey today.

Congratulations also to our 2 groups of year 4 students who completed “Seasons For Growth” in the last couple of weeks. It is truly amazing to see these students growing and learning. Well done to you all!

Holly Butson

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Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 19 June: L Elliott,

Wednesday 21 June: V Gillespie, M Chia, M Bachos

Friday 23 June: C McClymont, P Van Reenen, L Kassabian

Wednesday Soup: Cauliflower Soup

Leanna 0414 953 958


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Entertainment Book

Signing up for the entertainment book not only unlocks savings on your favourite restaurants, fast food faves, holidays, outings and much much more, but 20% of the proceeds of sale also come directly back to the P&F to support Holy Rosary School.

Please use link below to purchase direct through the Holy Rosary fundraiser site, and feel free to share with your friends and extended community!

Discovery Kids runs the before and after school care at Holy Rosary School.

  • Five days a week during term time
  • Vacation Care during school holidays.
  • Available for children attending Kindy through to Year Six


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au

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Claremont Football Club is running some school holiday clinics over the July holidays.

We will be running a,

  • Year 6-9 boys and girls clinic on Tuesday the 11th of July @Claremont Football Club
  • Year 1-6 boys and girls clinic on Wednesday the 12th of July @Claremont Football Club

See below for more details:

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2023 Term Dates and Student Free Days

Term 2 Wednesday 26 April - Friday 30 June

Monday July 17
Tuesday July 18

Term 3 - Wednesday 19 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December