Carlie Stipa Period 6A

All About Me

Pesonal Style Inventory

My personal styles is outgoing, practical, and structured.
Outgoing- They learn best by use of games, case studies and hand-on experiences.
Practical- Level headed, sensible and good with details.
Structured- Enjoy working in traditional situations, and dealing with facts, figures and numbers.

Career Family History

General Family Careers Over Time: Office/managerial, electricians, public service.

How Family Career Decisions Affect Me: They don't effect me because they don't tell me to be something that they are.

Personal Mission Satement

Personal Mission Statement

My Personal mission is to be dedicated, treat all people with respect, and put 100% into my work.

Career Mission Statement

My personal career mission is to become a Kindergarten teacher and help kids do there work.

My Career: Kindergarten Teacher

General Information

What kindergarten teachers do is plan lessons that teach students subjects, they teach students in an entire class with the lesson they have planned. The responsibilities they have is to grade students assignments to monitor their progress. I expect to be teaching
and planning things on a daily basis.

Work Enviroment

They work at private and public schools. The hazards are that teaching may be stressful. They generally work school hours when students are present. Teachers are typically employed in the teaching indusrty

How To Become One

To become a kindergarten teacher you must have a bachelors degree. You need to have a teaching license. Teachers are frequently required to complete annual professional development classes to keep their license.

Pay / Benefits

  • Average Annual Income: $48,800
  • Typical Starting Salary: $31,720
  • Top 10% Earned: More than $76,490

Job Outlook

Growth Rate: 17%
Career In 10 Years: employment growth will vary by region.


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