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Menstruation (menstruation) Can Reduce The Pain?

We have a common problem in women with menstrual pains in the abdomen , a few days of the month , I took parts of the spine and ovarian pain , taking pain killers to get rid of the pain of such an impact on our daily lives is one way to do it , to cope with the pain of natural
There are also methods .

Menstrual pains , which turned into a nightmare for a few days each month, the most natural way to fight etməkdirAyıpəncəsi plants , chamomile and sage plants or mix plants bitkilərdirBu useful for menstrual pains , as well as brew, infused separately , adding a spoonful of honey into the drink .

Ayaqlayıb an onion , crushed shell , boil 1 liter of water into the qoyup . During my days of onion juice made from 15 days to 2 st . drink . Vegetables and fruits , plants used for cooking purposes, not etməyinMumkunsə metal cutting knife try to eat .

Other plants to prevent menstrual sancısının zəfərandırAncaq , menstrual pains , you need to avoid the use of saffron ? Brew up a cup of water and threw in a pinch of saffron . Dəmlədikdən herbal tea and drink it later , you will see icdikcə sancılarınızın gradually decreased . Drink a mixture of honey and saffron as an aphrodisiac , as well as the nature of menstrual blood flow in addition to comfortable , but also has a sedative effect .

You can drink liquids during colic .
Young girls from the nightmare of the human həssaslasır menstrual pains , tension holds . Every month if you are having these problems , so if sancılarınız ,

Professor. Dr. . Ibrahim Saracoglu :25 - 30 pieces of practical advice in the shade dried cherries ( cherries ) stalk , 1 st . For dəmləyinGun to throw into the water little by little .

Vegetable oil in a bowl while another recommended ( olive oil is better ) on the mountain , and then 50 g . bəhməzin into the mix , it can be so hot
icinSancınız cut a few dəqsonra .

Again, a very small amount of sugar mixed with a stsudə , quickly cut the throes of hot icinBu .
Recommended to reduce the pain of menstruation ingestion of foods eaten .

Qanaxmasından before menstruation , headache, abdominal , breast problems, such as swelling around if you need to cut down on salt, 1 week before your menstrual period .

The parsley is a natural diuretic , asparagus plants , such as pains in the body alırAybası odəmin to avoid nuts , peanuts , meat and fish should be eaten.

Less manufacturing , natural food products :

Fruit , vegetables, food lazımdırDuyu , kortof , foods such as oatmeal , low-fat white meat , legumes , vegetable oils for the production of unsaturated fatty carbonates , you need to pay special attention to a healthy diet during təməlidirAybası . Menstrual period, chocolates , too sugary , salty foods to avoid eating sugar lazımdırSokolad vacibdirTəbii normalizing blood sugar rises due to demand , and the sudden increase in the fall and then suddenly it's hard to respond dusurOrqanizm .

Foods that reduce pre- menstrual concerns .
Studies of menstruation before the feeding program is very effective in reducing food qıbulu concerns .

B vitamins : liver , kidney , egg yolk , green leafy vegetables abound.
Calcium : Milk , fish, sunflower, soy , beans , groundnuts , qozda available.
Magnesium : Corn , dates , nuts , parsley , apples , figs , lemons , oranges and more complex .

B vitamins , calcium , and magnesium -containing diet ərzaqlarla , shows that aybasıqabagı reduced .

Doctors , of course, because it has soothing properties are advised to eat bananas , bananas are rich in vitamin B6 , especially menstrual dovrundəYuksək amount of labor is very low , say women suffering from menstrual period .