Welcome to Neptune!!!!!

Come see our beautiful oceans and take the time to relax!

Cool Facts

    Distance from Sun: 2,795,000,000 miles

    Radius: 15,299 miles

    Orbital period: 165 years

    Mass: 102.4E24 kg (17.15 Earth mass)

    Surface area: 2.941 billion sq miles

Types of clothing

In order to survive on Neptune and the moons you will have to:

  1. When you get to Neptune you will have to bring warm clothes and keep them with you just in case you won't freeze to death
  2. When you get to the moons, they are warmer so you can wear regular clothes you do on Earth
  3. Also you will need to bring your swimsuits and all your water stuff

Explore our moons!!

Triton- Take pictures with our friendly unusual animals

Nereid- Find romance by watching the bright Neptune

Laomedeia- Lots of hotels that you can stay in.

Proteus- Shop at "Awesome Shoppers Mall" to get all the products you need

Larissa- Take some time to relax at the beach

Thalassa- See the all the new activities you can do here

Psamathe- Love all the people that are nice and friendly

Galatea- Never feel sad there are things that can cheer you up

Halimede- Eat happily at the new dinners and get free meals

Naiad- Explore wild things at the fresh meadows

Despina- Find many adventures

Neso- Get smarter and better at something by all the education you can get

Sao- Come hang along with amazing talents you can find in yourself

Our Awesome Activites