Band Buzz: September 26, 2021

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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From Your Directors

Great job this weekend, Falcons! 5th place in prelims and Finals, our highest ranking EVER this early in the season!! Lots of room for growth and improvement, we are super proud of all of you!

Updates for Thursday night's game will be discussed this week.

Proud of you!

Mr. Pearce, Mr. Gray, and Mr. Camacho

Clear Lake Band Directors

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Key Event of the Week #1: Thursday Football Game This Week

This week’s game will be on Thursday night and the game begins at 6 pm. Full band practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week at the regular time (3:30 – 6 pm). This is the only Thursday night game this season! I know that this falls during the work week, but we still need all the normal volunteers. If you are available, please consider volunteering. And the best part is that we are the HOME team, so we are sitting on the side where we can fully enjoy the show.

Key Event of the Week #2: Fajita Pete's Fundraiser

Fajita Pete's September 29th

All, we are pleased to work with Fajita Pete's - Clear Lake for a Spirit Day/Night on Wednesday, Sept 29!

Simply order fresh fajitas, queso y mas and they will generously donate a portion of the proceeds to Clear Lake High School Band. Order lunch for your office, dinner for your family and please don't forget your favorite teachers and admins at the school.

While they normally deliver, they do ask that you pick up on Spirit Days.

Order at (832)284-4008 or You can pre-order as well. They are in the HEB center at Bay Area and El Camino.

See everyone on the 29th!


Deani Quick, Community Spirit Chair

Amazon Smile

Did you know that we have an Amazon Smile account? We just received a $75 donation and we do not have very many members signed up. The Holidays are coming and we would appreciate it very much if you would add the Clear Lake Falcon Booster Club to your Amazon Smile account. Instructions are below.

Marching Uniform Care Reminders

Now that we are at the point of washing uniforms weekly, Mr. Pearce would like to remind everyone of the guidelines to wash uniforms. PLEASE READ THROUGH THESE BEFORE WASHING UNIFORMS.

· It will be very important to hang up the uniform as soon as you get home from a game/contest. This will ensure it will have proper time to dry and not wrinkle. The uniform should NOT end up on your bedroom floor!

· The uniform should be washed on the GENTLE cycle with the jacket zipped up AND inside out; the bibbers should be zipped fully; and the two gauntlets velcroed together. It is recommended to throw the marching socks, show shirt, sport shorts, and gloves in the wash with the uniform. Avoid putting other clothes in this same load.

· The uniform must be hung separately to dry. Do NOT put it in the dryer!! Hang the bibbers by the feet, as to not stretch out the shoulder straps, and if you have the gauntlets velcroed together you can spread them apart a little, stand them up and make a kind of “teepee” for them to air dry.

· Buttons do sometimes come off…the button is two pieces: the button and a tack backing. Make sure if you find the button in the washer you find the tack too, so it doesn't damage anything in your next load. If a button comes off, have your student contact our uniform chair, Erin Harris ( to repair/replace it.”

· Washing should be done after every performance (or set of performances, i.e. game + contest).

· Students should let the hat box air out for several hours after getting home to avoid trapping moisture from the shako (band hat) and gauntlets. Shakos can be wiped with a disinfectant cloth after each performance.

· After the last performance of the season the uniforms will be checked back into the uniform room.

Erin Harris

Uniform Coordinator

Photo Share Reminders

This is a joint effort between Sam Houston, John Streeter, Sam Draper, Ruth and myself. The purpose is to let all Band and Color Guard parents to add their photographs to this repository, so they can be viewed by all parents and students. More importantly this will be a resource for year-end slideshows, senior books, yearbook etc.

You can view our Photo Gallery on our website or by clicking here:

Parents who like to contribute photos, should follow the following steps:
    1. Set up a Google account, if you don't already have one
    2. You don't need a "" account, you can set up a google account with an already existing email account like or
    3. Next, email with the email address associated with your google account
    4. We will then provide access to our photo album where you can upload unlimited photos
    5. If you encounter issues, please email

Kanch Weerasinghe

FBBC Webmaster

Band Activity Fees

September is coming to an end - and for those that had their Band Fees put off until September please don't forget to pay them. You can have your student put the check in the Black mailbox in the Band Hall. If you have a difficult circumstance, please let me know and lets work out a payment plan.

Reminder: There are several students that are involved in other activities and are not part of the marching band. However, an activity fee is still required for band students involved in other activities. The band booster club also requires an information form on your student. Please submit this form when you pay your band activity fee. It is the first page in the attachment. Don't forget to sign the form! The form is attached to this email.

Students who do not pay their fees will be put on the Fines and Fees list that can keep you from buying tickets to Prom, etc.

If you have questions, please E-mail me at Also, you can email me to let me know that money was placed in the mailbox because we know how our kids always remember to turn their stuff in.

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Band Buzz Info

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If you think that you may have missed an email, you can always find the Band Buzz on our CLHS Band Website.