Been here done that...Now What? (Class ONE) June 1 at 1:00

Where do we go from here? Most of us get stuck in a rut and run out of ideas for steps . From any pause or stop it is important to consider all the options. Repeat a basic step, reverse it, rearrange it, and expand your vocabulary. Intermediate/Advanced

Embellishments--Give and Take (Class TWO) June 1 at 2:30

It takes two to embellish; the Leader offers and the Follower accepts. We will look at SPECIFIC cases where the leader can easily offer the opportunity for an embellishment and PLEASE the follower by expanding the options. Intermediate/Advanced

Where’s Her Foot? (Class THREE) June 8 at 1:00

You know your partner's foot is down there somewhere...but where and when is there going to be contact? Take the fear out of stops, secadas, and gaunchos in this workshop where you both share the floor and understand your spatial relationship to your feet. Intermediate/Advanced

Less is More (Class FOUR) June 8 at 2:30

Forget all those complicated sequences (for now). We will focus on relatively simple elements: forward walks, circles, reverse circles, axis turns and show why you don't NEED much else to add simple quality movement to your dancing. Adv. Beginner/Intermediate


Please register in advance for workshops. Don't be shut out!

(each 75 minute class $20 ) Limit is 24 people per class

Workshops take place at NEW ENGLAND TANGO ACADEMY 620 Cambridge Street, Cambridge.

You must reserve your space in the class with Alla Lakov, not at NETA.

*For private classes with Bettina (in Allston studio) June 1-13 $90

Contact: Alla Lakov 978-314-4155