EdTech Tuesday

a dose of digital delights - September 5, 2017

It's the little things.

Sometimes one new app or site can make a huge difference in how you present content and how your students respond. It can also create a new avenue for students to express themselves.

Here are some of the best new tools for teaching and learning - for any classroom. And they're all free.

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2017

A few highlighted websites from the list compiled by the American Association of School Librarians that can be used regardless of curricular content include

  • Listenwise - Advance student literacy with this collection of current events, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies podcasts. Build listening skills and give both native speakers and English Language Learners "the opportunity to experience academic language for college and career readiness."
  • Google Keep - Take notes, create reminders, make checklists - this site and its app are indispensable! Color-code, organize, and collaborate your notes. Also integrates with Google Docs.
  • Spreaker - chats, interviews, and more can be created with Spreaker, a podcasting tool for teachers and secondary students.
  • Pixabay - Almost 1 million images (vectors, photos, videos, & illustrations) are available with no copyright restrictions. No login is required, and Pixabay is offered as an app as well as the site.

Other sites are geared toward specific subjects, such as

  • Arts Edge - Use these Kennedy Center resources for fine arts lessons, guides, and other materials.
  • DuoLingo - Lessons are available for over 23 languages. Games and activities incorporate multiple choice Q&A, speaking, listening, and translation.