Human Impacts on Ocean Ecosystems

Exploring negative and positive impacts have on the ocean

5 negative impacts humans have on the ocean

1.People being careless and throwing trash and waste on the street letting it flow to a watershed and eventually into the ocean

2.Oil from ships spewing into the ocean a 100 gallons at a time

3.Pollution from factories turning into acid rain over the ocean and polluting the ocean

4.Over using fertilizer to where it flows into rivers and eventually into the ocean

5.Collecting fish faster than they can reproduce

5 positive impacs humans have on the ocean

1.Cities influencing residents to recycle and prevent littering

2.companies joining efforts to clean up oil spills or donating money to help

3.Using bikes and electric cars to lower the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere

4.Using less more effective fertilizer so it doesn't flow into a watersheds

5.Using smaller nets and throwing back pregnant fish

3 examples of dead zones, oil spills, and over fishing

Effects of water pollution

The effects

When people use to much fertilizer or throw trash on the ground it can be picked up by water and flow into a watershed that will eventually affect fish in the ocean. If trash gets stuck in the ocean it can end up around an animals neck or if fertilizer gets to the ocean it can cause algal blooms taking up all the oxygen.

Prevant pollution, Throw away trash