European Project Netherlands

By Philo Tshilombo

Country Basics

Netherlands Capital is Amsterdam and its flag color is red white and blue horizontal it doesnt really have a meaning behind its just stating that netherlands country color was originally orange whiet blue but the flag was exposured to the sun for a while so then it turned red.


  • Netherlands is a very flat country with 25 % is land or below sea level main landform is Ardennes Mountains.With its highest point VallseerBerg the highest point with 322 m its envirment impacted on peple because theres alot of flodding.Its Government is a Consittional Monarchy they had queens and kings . Its most import or export is fuels.


Netherlands birth rate is 1.72 per woman and 99 percent can read in netherlands and their life expectancy 81. So thats pretty good .Also Netherlands GDP is 50,793.81 So they dont make that make that much on a daily basis i wonder how they live that long.


Netherlands Culture is diverse so that means everyone has their own freedom and the impact on the people is that they're free and can participate in any relgious thing they want.they favorite activitie is soccer


Netherlands climate is warmish and cold it has a 17c average on its weather so it people usually have to wear jackets and stuff life that to prevent frostbite.


In the old times Netherlands were usually sea faring also they were part of the roman empire and militarized by them. Netherlands were also in many wars like the American Revolutionary war also the afghanistan war.

Compare and Contrast

If we were at netherlands we would have less babies and make less money then the us but the good thing is that if i went there i wold be less likely to be murdered and less likely to be in prison and live in a cold climate.But if i stayed in the us I have a 81% chance or getting murdererd i make more money and i live a warm climate and much more freedom with a limited government instead of a monarchy


Netherlands have alot of flat land so its more common to get flodding in that area so its makes people blocked from roads work etc. because they have a sea next by them