Lake Granbury

By Cole Palmer


License- anyone above the age of 17 or anyone born after January 1, 1931, needs to have a fishing license and it costs $47 for a year

Bag limit- The bag limit is 5 fish of any combo

Other regulations- It is a violation to take, kill or disturb any endangered species, put any game fish in public waters, or leave edible fish to die without intending to consume it or use it for bait.

Fishing in Lake Granbury

Species to catch and info about them:

  • Largemouth bass- Length: 27 in, Weight: 11.89 lbs
  • striped bass- Length: 37.5 in, Weight: 20.03 lbs
  • channel catfish- Length: 36 in, weight: 23.5 lbs
  • white bass- Length: 19.5 in, Weight: 3.55 lbs
  • white crappie- Length: 14 in, Weight: 1.63 lbs

Endangered species- shovelnose sturgeon

Major Invasive Threats- Zebra mussel, Giant salvinia

ShareLunker program- encourages anglers who have caught 13-pound-plus largemouth bass to lend or donate the fish to TPWD for spawning purposes.