From The Admin Team 10/27/2020

Bernice Kiker Elementary School

Check the Status of District Systems: Portal, Cloud, etc.

AISD’s technology team has launched a webpage that allows school communities to check the status of district systems such as the cloud and portal, as well as Accelify, School Messenger, and Zoom, at

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Dress Up as a Book Character

To share in the uniqueness of this year, we are offering the opportunity to celebrate a love of books on October 30 with an optional dress up day. If your students would like to dress up, they may:

1) dress up as a book character.

2) dress up in their costume of choice and create a book cover to match.

3) wear PJs (lots of books have PJs!).

4) wear their Kiker spirit shirt.

Please remember that we do not wear any items with weapons. Proper face masks for health must be worn; costume masks do not replace health masks. Students should be able to walk, play, and use the restroom independently in their costumes.

No pressure to dress up if that is not your child's idea of fun!

Transitioning from Remote to In-Person or In-Person to Remote

For any requests to transition from remote to in-person learning or vice-versa, please contact Alma Chapa Moore (Asst. Principal) and your classroom teacher. For students who will join us on campus, we need arrival/dismissal plan and breakfast/lunch plan. (Breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge to all students through June 3.) There is a wait time of up to five days to transition from remote to in-person learning. There is no wait time to transition from in-person learning to remote learning.
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Upcoming Events

10/26 Week 8 - Any student who opted for in-person learning may begin

10/29 PTA Spooky Game Night

10/30 Dress up day - dress like a character from a book, or create a book cover to match a costume of your choice. No weapons allowed. Masks must be safe for health screenings.

10/30 Submission deadline for PTA Art Reflections


Information For Families of 5th Graders: Kealing, Lively, Ann Richards, Small Middle School Information

The Directors of Lively and Kealing Magnet programs, along with the Principal of Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, have developed a schedule in which they combine their presentations [back-to-back] to provide the most efficient way for 5th grade students and parents/guardians to hear about the unique offerings these programs provide. The time for our Kiker families is on Wednesday, October 28, from 10:00 am - 10:45 am.

Parents/guardians are welcome / encouraged to attend. More information to come. Ms. Fraser, our 5th grade counselor, will continue to share information to support our families preparing for middle school.

Step 1: Show Presentation Videos (PRIOR to LIVE session) :

Please be sure ALL 5th or 6th Graders that are transitioning to middle school next year watch these videos PRIOR to the live session. Each presentation is about 10-15 mins long. It’s suggested that campuses share a different presentation each day so students have fresh eyes on each presentation:

· Kealing:

· Lively: Part 1:

Part 2:

· Ann Richards:

Step 2: Students/parents/ even educators submit questions here on this Google Form (PRIOR to LIVE session) :

AFTER watching all 3 presentations, students can submit questions here and we’ll answer them during the LIVE Q&A session

Step 3: Share this webinar link:

Passcode: 124246

Students, parents, 5th grade counselors and teachers are invited to attend this live webinar to ask questions and hear responses from all 3 magnet programs.

When students are signing into the webinar:

· You will need to enter the following information: student first/last name / parent email / and elementary school campus

(if you do not have a parent email- please use a teacher email)

· You will be muted and cameras will be disabled on entry.

· You can enter questions in the Q&A icon at the bottom of the zoom screen or Raise Hand if you would like to be unmuted and say your question aloud to whole group.

· Participate, ask questions, follow-up with your school counselor for more help on how to apply!

Small MS Green Tech Academy accepts curriculum transfer students from all over Austin. Some Kiker 5th grade students and families may be interested in the Small MS Green Tech Academy program. See their website to learn about the Environmental Sciences and STEM/Pre-Engineering programs.

For everyone's safety, Small MS Green Tech Academy will not be doing school visits or tours this school year. See registration information for Zoom Q and A sessions for students and their families to learn more about Small MS Green Tech Academy in the flyer attached.

Contact Jennifer Newell, Administrative Assistant II, with questions or for more information [512-841-6701,].

CSMS Website:

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Look who got a RAVE (Messages are abbreviated as the GLOWING feedback was long!) Way to go!

Mrs. Boone and her staff and have so great dealing with all this issues and have communicated so well with us parents. My daughter loves attending online but is coming back in the next phase so she can actually meet her teachers in person

Mrs. Hall has worked tirelessly to ensure all of her students are receiving personal attention in Math. She has quickly adapted her teaching techniques to work and rework concepts while keeping the student engaged.

Ms. Steen is an absolutely invaluable member of the Kiker Special Education community. The transition to virtual learning has not been an easy one for my son, but having Ms. Steen in his corner supporting him and helping him to navigate the challenges and frustrations he's facing has been essential to his successes so far this year.

My son meets with Mrs. Candelaria each morning and I am so impressed with how she has taken the dyslexia reading lessons and made them into a very useful virtual hour of learning. She has used all the tools at her disposal to make these virtual lessons worthwhile.

Ms. Jenny works tirelessly to support every child in her care. She goes above and beyond regularly while showing compassion and bringing a light, fun energy along with her.

Miss Purcell has been so warm, loving and nurturing the entire time. She is so encouraging, supportive and patient with him. I am in awe of how upbeat and optimistic she always is, she’s a great example to us as parents as well as to our children!

Mrs. Willie always provides a caring environment for her students. My student feels calm and safe in her presence which has helped immensely during such a different type of school year. How the students in class also treat each other with kindness is a direct reflection of her graceful example!

Bernice Kiker Elementary Administration Team

Cory Matheny - Principal

Alma Chapa Moore - Assistant Principal

Kelly Meyer - Assistant Principal