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This is the flag of the Thailand


The poplation is 67,01 millons

Traditional Clothes

Traditional Thai clothing is called chut thai

Religious Holidays

Bridge Holiday before Asanha Bucha

Major Cites:

The mejor cites is...

1. Wat Arun

2. Bangkok

Important Events in History

1.Chakri Dynasty 4 Nov 1782 Beginning of the Chakri Dynasty which is ruled by King Rama I, which rules to this present day. The country is known as Siam. Capital becomes Bangkok.

2. Reign of King Chulalongkorn 4 Nov 1868 Reign of King Chulalongkorn. Railway system developed.

3. Siam becomes ally 4 Nov 1917 Siam becomes ally of Great Britain in World War I.

Major Cites

Interesting Data

1. Thailand was once the kingdom of Siam. In 1939 it was renamed Prathet Thai (ประเทศไทย) which means "free" or land of the Thai

2. Thailand is the second strongest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. It depends mainly on rice exports and tourism.

3.The honor is a very important concept in Thai culture, so never see them arguing or yelling in public.

4.Greeting or reverence made clasping hands is called wai.

5. It is impolite to touch a person's head or pointing something or someone with his feet. Is an insult stepping food or step over a person who is sitting or lying on the floor. Nor is frowned set foot on the chair, they should always be on the floor. should not point your feet towards the Buddha image and you always have to take off their shoes when entering a home or temple.