Dominican Republic


Welcome to the Dominican Republic! You will love your stay


The Dominican Republic has a variety of landscapes, from deserts in the southwest to alpine forests in the central mountains. Sugarcane fields spread over coastal plains in the north and east, and coconut plantations cover most of the tropical peninsula of Samaná. Pebble beaches under rocky cliffs afford spectacular views on the southern coast. Elsewhere, white sandy beaches and warm waters dominate the coasts.

Weather generally is tropical, hot, and humid, especially along southern and eastern coasts. Temperatures average above 90°F (32°C) during summer months, with August being the hottest. A dry, desert-like climate, due to deforestation and little rainfall, prevails in western and southwestern regions. The rainy season, when the temperature drops to around 70°F (21°C), generally runs from December to March but may vary in different parts of the country.


Unlike our neighbor, Haiti, we have a prosperous economy! If you go to our border with them, our side has a lush, green, forest, while haiti's side has a...dessert. Our economy is dependent on agriculture (Coffee, sugar, pineapple, cocoa, tobacco, and rice) service, and tourism (you!).

The official language is Spanish, but unique phrases, accents, and regional expressions give Dominican Spanish a distinct personality. Many people drop the s at the end of words, turning dos (two) into do'. Cibao Valley residents, or Cibaeños, and inhabitants of Santo Domingo, or capitaleños, may pronounce the r, l, or i differently. Some Haitian creole (a unique mixture of French and African languages) is spoken near the Haitian border and in the bateys (sugarcane villages), where many Haitian workers live.

Nominally, 95 percent of Dominicans are Catholic, but a smaller number actually regularly attends church. Although Dominicans are fairly secular, Catholic traditions are mixed with town stuff.Dominicans take pride in their personal appearance and consider it important to dress well. Parents dress there children well for church.


The Dominican Republic is divided into 31 provinces and one national district. The president is Danilo Medina. A bicameral National Congress of 32 senators and 183 deputies is also directly elected, as are local officials. Major parties include the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), and the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC). The voting age is 18.

Vacation plan

First, go to Moline, Illanois.

Here is the totlal flight plan

Departure Flight

American Eagle Airlines Flight #3411

Depart: Moline, IL (MLI) at 11:55 AM

Arrive: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) at 2:15 PM

American Airlines Inc Flight #656

Depart: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) at 2:55 PM

Arrive: Jacksonville, FL (JAX) at 6:10 PM

American Eagle Airlines Flight #3543

Depart: Jacksonville, FL (JAX) at 7:35 PM

Arrive: Miami, FL (MIA) at 8:55 PM

American Airlines Inc Flight #2067

Depart: Miami, FL (MIA) at 9:40 PM

Arrive: Santo Domingo, DO (SDQ) at 12:50 AM

Return Flight

American Airlines Inc Flight #1964

Depart: Santo Domingo, DO (SDQ) at 7:00 AM

Arrive: Miami, FL (MIA) at 8:25 AM

American Airlines Inc Flight #557

Depart: Miami, FL (MIA) at 11:15 AM

Arrive: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) at 1:35 PM

American Eagle Airlines Flight #2849

Depart: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW) at 3:20 PM

Arrive: Moline, IL (MLI) at 5:10 PM.

The most affordable hotel is BelleVue Dominican Bay (the lowest price is $899.99).

the total cost will be $1,908.91

Things to do

Day 1:

1. After arriving, look at the city


Day 2:

1: Take the Santo Domingo tour

2 (maybe) . Be lazy (Optional, you most likly will be tired and it will be late).

3 or 2. Go to sleep

Day 3:

1. Visit the Cathedral of Santo Domingo

2. Visit the Botanical garden

3. Watch a movie at the "National Theater"

4. Go to sleep again

Day 4:

1: Visit the national museum

2. Go to Iguana Park (amusement park)

3. Go scuba diving

Day 5

1: Go to "Park of 3 winters" ( A group of interconnected caves)

2: Go watch a play at the national theater

3: Relax

Day 6:

1: Pack up

2: go back to Iguana park

3: Go to the beach

4: Go to bed early. Sleep tight

Day 7:

1. Today, you will wake up at 6:30 A.M, go on a plane at 7:00 A.M and spend the day going back home. You will Arrive at at Moline at 5:12 P.M.