Saving and Investing!!!!

McKenzie O'Brien

Why You Should Save and Why You should Invest?

When you want to start to save money you put it in a bank. When you put your money in the bank it keeps its safe, and it helps you from wanting to spend it. It also give you a slight bit of interest. When you have money in the bank it help you save and helps the bank start to invest a new building. When that business starts to get back that money they used to pay you back.

To invest you don't have to be rich, and it's not a game or gamble. To start to invest you need to know to study the markets, earn about the stocks they own and make knowledgeable decisions about buying, selling and trading stocks. Some, people start to invest is to create wealth. Some, benefits are that stock market teaches you about money and help you with saving bands.

How to Save

One of the most basic ways to save is having a budget. If you know how much money you have and how much you need to save, spend on bills, or other expenses it's easier to keep yourself in check and in a state of being stable in monetary means.
Another way to save is social security, sure it's a bummer to have your check reduced but it helps to know that in the future you'll have some help after retirement. With social security it's not an optional choice but it helps those of us to save when we don't really know how to do it ourselves by taking a portion out of your check when your employer pays you every month. The money is then given back after retirement.