START K-12 Intensive Training

IEP Development and Implementation for Students with Autism


This essential module led teams through an understanding of special education including the history of it, the purpose of the IEP and had participants complete an Ed. Benefit Review. Teams also reviewed best practices in developing the IEP and it's PLAAFP, supplementary aids and services, meaningful and measurable goals and objectives and necessary programs and services to meet each students' individualized needs. Lastly, teams learned about IEP implementation with fidelity and how to measure and monitor student progress.

The main purpose of this module was to focus on PROCESS and not forms, to consider LRE throughout the process, to address the unique needs of each student with ASD and to improve IEP implementation.

Oakland Schools' Miplace Site

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Making Placement Decisions

"In all cases, placement decisions must be individually determined on the basis of each child's abilities and needs and each child's IEP, and not solely on factors such as category of disability, severity of disability, availability of special education and related services, configuration of the service delivery system, availability of space, or administrative convenience."

Preface, 2006 Final Federal Regulations for the IDEA

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