Secret Life of Bees

Sue Monk Kidd

Chapter 1 Quote 1 p.2

"Bees swarm before death" she'd said

This quote is important because it is the first case of foreshadowing that we see. I think that it is very blatant and obvious. The author made rosaleen say this to forshadow that we will either see a death soon or hear something about one. Either way the next upcoming event would involve death.

Quote 2 p.3

"T. Ray, naturally, to buy me bristle rollers, so all year I'd had to roll it on Welchs grape juice cans, which nearly turned me into an insomniac."

The reason this is important is because after Lily's mother died then her dad had to take over some of the roles that her mother used to do and he wasn't doing a very good job. It shows that he doesnt understand his daughter and definatly not teenage girls. She is complaining that when she sleeps on the cans it causes neck pain which in return causes her to lose sleep.

Quote 3 p.16

"Please, Lily, you are insulting your time intellligence Do you have any idea how smart you are?"

Lily has low self esteem , we think mainly because of the way that T. Ray treats her. During this part of the book Lily says she wants to go to beauty school because she feels that is the upper limit of her career. Mrs. Henry is outraged at the fact that Lily wants to insult her intellegence and spend her life in the feild of Cosmetology. She thinks that Lily could do so much more, she wants Lily to become a professor and write books.

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