Book VS. Movie

The Whipping Boy

Think about one of the main settings in the book. In what ways was it different in the movie than how you imagined it?

The sewers were light in the movie in the book they were pitch black they were light in the movie so that you could see if you couldent see than it wouldent be as interesting because you couldnt see.It was dark in the book because you were just reading and you didnt need to see anything.

Now think about the main character.How was he or she different than you had imagined?

Prince brat I thought he was going to meaner than he was. Like he said hey come on were going instead of hey were going stupid whipping boy.

Think of a character or part of the book that was NOT in the movie.Give three possible reasons why the people who made the movie left that part or character out.

 *AnnieRose was an added character in the movie.  I think they added her because they wanted to be more creative with the movie and the wanted to make it longer and better. *they just came up with her and thought it was cool to added her to the movie. *they didnt like the idea to add her to the book.

do he movie you think the people who made the movie did a good job of portraying the book? why or why not

Yes because it had more added to it and i liked it like in the movie they had the queen and they didnt have the queen in the book.

which did you enjoy more the book or the movie

The movie because i like seeing it in real life and watching it helps me understand it better.