Black and White Cafe

Helena, Ben, Daniel, and Willie


We are called the Black and White Cafe because of how people see Crooks. Most people only see him in black and white. They don't see the fullness of him as a person like when things are in color.


Salad: Fruit Salad. Fruit salad consists of some sweet fruits and some tangy fruits. Just like how crooks can be nice but also sour and defensive.

Appetizer: Bloomin' onion. The onion has multiple layers just like crooks. He can come across as really rude and sour but once he gets to know you he can open up and blossom.

Main course with two sides: Ribs with potato salad and pinto beans. The ribs are tender but have a strong curved bone like Crooks's spine. They are covered in sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. The potato salad is good.You either like it or you don’t. That’s how people feel about crooks. The beans, which are full of protein, have a lot of unnoticed potential like Crooks. Beans are a very versatile food that can be make many foods better.

Dessert: An Apple. On the outside the skin can be dirty and tart but the inside is clean and sweet. It also has a strong core. It is just like crooks. On the outside he can seem dirty and rude. But once you get to know him he is nice. He has been through a lot in his life but he's made it okay because he has a good strong core like the apple.

Crook's Hearty Roast Beef

The signature dish is Crooks’ Hearty Roast Beef with mashed potatoes, brown gravy and green beans. This dish was slow cooked, just like Crooks is by sitting alone all the time. Crooks is slowly becoming more detached by being by himself. The mashed potatoes show that even though people see him differently on the outside the insides are the same. The green beans are green for the money that everyone needs at this time. The gravy is brown which shows the warmness of friendship and stability that he wishes he had. This home-cooked meal can make anyone feel like they are at home with loved ones.
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Po' Man's Stew

I decided to make a meal that represents the working class people in Soledad California, specifically the ones on the ranch. The meal I chose is beef stew.

Cheap beef can be tough, which represents the tough times being endured. Even though this beef is very cheap, it can still taste okay and give you the needed nutrition.

Celery is green which represents money, something all the employees are working for. Celery also holds and soaks in all of its surrounding flavors. All the employees are having to adapt to whatever is thrown at them because they don’t have a choice. Potatoes are gold which symbolizes richness, what everyone is after in any form. Rich in money, rich in companions, or rich in happiness. George is trying to save up some cash to buy a place for themselves. Crooks is longing for someone to talk to and hangout with. Candy is just trying to be happy in a place he feels like he isn't needed anymore.

Broth has a rich taste. Broth is what holds everything together, it what keeps everything flowing, like the workers on the ranch. Carrots are orange which represents the joy everyone secretly want, but don’t have.

Crackers are brittle, and on the side. They are only seen as an extra thing that is not necessary. Just like Crooks. People are brittle financially during this time because of the jobs not paying much.

White rice can symbolize the purity which everyone wants. The rice is a base for the stew. It is important because we all need to start with a pure base.

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