By S. Yatham

It's followers are called Muslims

All About Islam

The story of Islam starts in the ancient place of Jerusalem, where Abraham, a religious philosopher started the Islam tradition. Islam started in the Middle East and spread throughout all over Europe being the second most practiced religion in the world! Abraham is also famous for starting Christianity and Judaism. He gave much attention to monotheism religions. All of the religions he started consisted of one amazing god that provided everything in the world. Islam is a monotheist religion that bases its followers on the tradition of the five pillars, Charity, Pilgrimage, Belief, Fasting, and Prayer. Each Muslim, a follower of Islam, is required to visit the Hajj in Jerusalem, the birth place of Islam in which The Hajj takes its place as a holy site for the Muslims. Like many other religions, Islam has a holy text called called the Qu'ran Kiran which lists the ancient beliefs of Islam and the god of Allah, the one and only god in the Islam tradition. Ancient holidays include Ramadan, the Festival of Feasting in which Muslims show their self-discipline by not eating for the whole night until mid-day when a big feast take place to honor the tradition. Eid Al Fitre celebrates the end of the holiday in which Muslims reflect on the tradition. Muslims are required to pray five times a day in a place called a mosque in which Muslims pray to Allah and thank him for everything that was given. Muslims believe that everything in the universe was created by Allah and that nothing would've existed without him. The ruler of a mosque is an imam who devotes his or her life to serving Allah. The Islam symbol actually has none historical history basing the religion. The famous crescent actually predates Islam by more than two thousand years. It started as a flag symbol for the Arabic Ottaman Empire especially for its navy. The ruler of the Ottaman Empire, Osman had declared that the famous crescent would hang all over the world. Muslims thought that this was a good omen, and so they adopted it into their flag. This is all you need to know about Islam.
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