For Darkness Shows the Stars

By:Diana Peterfreund

For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

In the book there are 3 different things you can be. The first one would be a Luddite a person who is just like us in every way. The second one would be a Reduced person which is a person who basically thought that they are more superior and "upgraded" themselves and have been given bionic eyes and arms and stuff like that. The Reduced people doing stuff like that soon lead to a reduction to which caused their present day to have very little technology. The last category that people can fit in are the COR's (Children Of the Reduced) or Posts. The COR's or Posts are the descendants of the Reduced people and the Reduced people have given there children their "upgrades" too so that they are reduced also. Yet there are some kids who are later born without the "upgrades" and are called Posts. Posts are the people who are just like the Luddites expect reduced parents. But when there is a intertwining of a Post and a Luddite things start to get messy.

Elliot North is one of the main characters in darkness shows the stars. I really liked her character in the book and I thought she was a brilliant aspect of it all.

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One of the aspects that I had noticed in Elliot is that she is very smart and it is actually one of the characteristics I had admired in her.
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Elliot is very understanding in the book because her personality is like a person who can see both sides. She is also very nice to her friend Ro who is a COR and thinks of her as a person also.
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I also like how brave Elliot was because she is not afraid to ask the questions that most Luddites wouldn't ask.

Vacation needs

Grandfather's Compass

One of the things Elliot would take with her on a vacation would have to be her grandfather's compass for he left it to her in his will and he knew that she had taken a liking to it.

"To my granddaughter Elliot North, I leave my compass, in hope that she will someday make it work again."

"A lump rose in Elliot's throat. He'd known she was always obsessed with his compass. He must have also known how she'd longed to use it to run away." (Page 332: For Darkness Shows the Stars.)

Grandfather's Will

Another object I think Elliot would take with her on a vacation is her grandfather's will.

Not only is it the only thing left of him besides the compass that he gave her in the will it clearly states that she gets everything.

"The estate and all of its belongings shall not become part of the North Estate, but will instead past directly and undivided into the possession of my granddaughter and namesake, Elliot North." (Page 333: For Darkness Shows the Stars)

The Letters

The last thing that Elliot would take with her on vacation would be all of the letter's that her and Kai had written to each other over the course of the years before he left to be a free Post.

"The floorboards creaked beneath her feet, and slips of paper whispered upon her face and hands." .....

"Moonlight skimmed over the floorboards and made Nero's eyes a shimmering green. It wasn't enough to work by. It wasn't enough to read by. But who needed to read? She knew then by heart."(Page 57: For Darkness Shows the Stars.)