Inherit the Wind

by: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee


Jerome Lawrence was born in 1915 in Ohio. Lawrence met Lee in 1942 in New York. The two made plays and worked on radio, helping make the Armed Forces Radio Service. Only one play got a Tony nomination called Mame. Lee died in 1994 and Lawrence died in 2004.


Bertram Cates is imprisoned for teaching his students about Darwin's theory of evolution. After selecting a jury, the trial begins. One of the men questions a 13 year old boy, making the point of the basic human right to think. The town is angry because they believe what is in the Bible and reject the evolutionary theory. Cates is convicted guilty after not pleading guilty, and fined $100. E.K. Hot beck and the Baltimore Herald post his bail.

Scopes monkey trial

Case challenges the Kentucky law against teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public school. The evolutionary theory directly contradicted the beginnings of life stated in the Bible so people made laws to prevent the teaching in their schools. He said that, "what goes on in a classroom is up the student and the teacher.once you introduce the power of the state - telling you what you can and cannot do - you've become involved in propaganda." Scopes was found guilty but the conviction was overturned later.