G-Docs for your Ewoks!

Cloning the Google way with Templates!


Use this link to enter Infuse Learning room number 48574. Draw a representation of something you learned today! You will submit your image by clicking on the icon with the down arrow located on the left side.
Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Today's Objective:

Streamline your workload!


1. Download from Google's Template Gallery.
2. Create a document or presentation to become a template.
3. Upload to the Template Gallery.
4. Learn awesome ways to streamline your online classroom.
5. Eat punny snacks.

Go Get One!

...There's always another way...

Use the images below as a prompt to get to the template gallery another way.

Different routes to the same destiny...

...the public template gallery to search for: Gdocs Ewoks Flow Chart!

Take the next 15 minutes to PLAY and BROWSE Google's Public Templates.

Great Things with Google Templates

"Google Templates provide students with a starting point for digital writing and take advantage of a virtual copy machine by creating templates. Save time and guide the learning by providing students with a consistent page format which can include links, images, directions and support by using and creating your own templates to jump start the learning. Just create a Google Doc then save it as a template. Students can pick up a copy of a template and instantly store it in their own list of Google Docs." Susan Oxnevad, Getting Smart

Next Task!

Think for a moment... What could you create or tweak that would make a good template? Consider these points:

  • The template is available in your domain's gallery.
  • Using a private gmail account will allow you to upload to the public gallery.

Use the same steps to get to the Google Template Gallery, but this time choose "Submit a Template." You can find this to the far right of the Template page. Complete and submit. You may have to wait a few minutes before it will appear in the gallery.

5 Minute Break! Enjoy some snacks!

Use the force of Google like a Jedi Master!

  • Fonts: task 1: add more; task 2: change default: highlight, Normal, Update Normal, then Format, Paragraph, Options, Save as; task 3: remove formatting
  • Shortcuts for commenting on docs: less clicking for comments: ctl-alt-m makes a comment box; ctrl-enter submits the comment (Mac users use command key)
  • Publish to the web: File, Publish, Start
  • Custom bullets: click on bullets, Format, List Options
  • Proper Menu Bar (Chrome App Store): allows you to get your black menu bar back
  • OCR: converts images of text into editable text

Kellie Lahey

District Technology Specialist for Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD; Google Certified Trainer

With more than 25 years of classroom experience, I am passionate about helping teachers ​bring the best instructional practices and digital tools together for student success. I love learning, and I believe educators thrive when we operate in communities of learning: Together We're Better!

Laura Kile

Instructional Coach, Coldspring-Oakhurst COCISD

I am a passionate educator, Google Guru, and collaborative learning leader at Coldspring-Oakhurst High School. I'm excited to share instructional strategies to equip teachers and students with the tools they need to find success in the digital world of education today. Together We're Better!