The Coyote Trail

~All you need to know to find your way this week~

This is it...

Today marks the beginning of the end of the year. Our last Monday wake up for a little bit. Let's make the ending to this year one to remember! There are many things happening this week so enjoy the moments, celebrate the victories and bid farewell to 2014-2015. It's been a great year.

Teacher Countdown...

Many grade levels have end of the year calendars with special events for each day. Why not have one for the teachers? Well, starting tomorrow, Monday, June 1st, we will have a special teacher countdown to the end of the year. Each afternoon, the next days surprise will be revealed. I hope you enjoy!
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5 Days Left... and right! Monday,wear flipflops to start your week off right!

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Ipad Reconfiguration...

All iPads will need to be turned in to Polly by Wednesday, June 3rd. Each of them have to be reconfigured this summer. If there is a special circumstance where you need one, please let us know. We may can get it worked on first.


Our recent tributes to Dr. Truncale turned out great. There are so many that made this happen. A big shout out to:

Tracy Halligan for organizing the video and Coyote Call Out

Carmen Brandow for creating the video

All of the teachers who participated in the video (hilarious)

Katheryn To'Afa for the incredible student song

Teri Hahn for organizing the book dedication and staff presentation

Polly Myer for helping organize the book dedication

PTA for purchasing the mural

Everybody for making this an extra special sendoff for an extra special person.

Cox Elementary

"Lighting the way to learning"