All About Me

Jake Gascho


Basketball means a lot to me because I enjoy it and I am good at it. I play for three teams Marshall, Waunakee and my all star team. Basketball also gives me something to do and work at which I enjoy because I can always keep getting better. In the picture below that is me with the ball going in for a lay-up with my Waunakee basketball team.
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Sports Teams

Not only do I enjoy playing sports but I enjoy watching them to below are my favorite teams.


I look up to lots of different athletes. But the ones below I chose are ones that mean the most to me. Russell Wilson from Wisconsin now with the Seattle Seahawks because he just came to Wisconsin as a nobody and became one of the best quarterbacks. Kevin Durant because a lot of moves I use when I play basketball come from him plus he is my favorite player. And finally Trey Burke because he was criticized for not going to one of the bigger schools such as Duke and Kentucky but he lead his team to the title game. These are my role models.