How Video Games Can Be Helpful

Parents everywhere are always finding new excuses to try to get their kids to stop playing video games. They say that video games make kids violent. They say that video games are just generally harmful. However, there are many ways in which video games can be helpful.
Video games can provide much needed stress relief. This may not apply as much to younger kids, but is definitely wanted by teens. Be it school or an annoying sibling, there's always something stressing them out. Video games can take their minds off of their stress and help them calm down.
Video games can also help with concentration. A lot of games have a specific goal in mind. Focusing on this goal is the only way to finish. This focus and concentration can be applied to school work or any other situation. This doesn't necessarily mean that they need the games to focus, or that this should be used as an excuse to get out of work.
In some games, one may find themselves in a very difficult situation. Be it an especially tough enemy or level, they may not know how to get past it. In this situation, they have to find a way to use whatever they have at their disposal to overcome the obstacle. The strategies they come up with probably aren't applicable to the real world. However, they may take the idea, using every resource available to their advantage, and use it in real life.
Sometimes, certain situations in a game can serve as valuable life lessons. Most of the time, in order to truly learn, the player has to dig deeper for the hidden meaning. As with the idea of using everything to their advantage, players can use this in real life and be able to find the deeper meaning of everyday events. This is usually a sign of a very smart individual.
Sometimes games are created for the purpose of helping with certain health or safety issues. For example, there was once a game simply involving the player harvesting gemstones in a Martian cave while avoiding space eels. The game was designed to help sufferers of ADHD and head trauma victims improve focus.
Another game of a similar purpose was created with the elderly in mind. It involved a warbling brook and a 3-D rendered tai chi instructor. This game was designed to help reduce the risk of falling, which is especially dangerous for the elderly.
Parents often complain that violent games make children more violent themselves. This may be true and it may not; it depends on the individual kid. Although there is one question to consider: Who's buying the games? In a lot of cases it's the parents. If you think that games are making kids violent, then don't buy the games for your kids.
Many people complain about video games and will continue well into the future. The main complaint is that they are harmful to people, children especially. However, there are many positive and helpful aspects to video games. Perhaps if people looked on the brighter side of gaming then everyone would be happy.