DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, November 20, 2015

A word from Kris

I love this time of year!! I know that some of it is because I am a highly reflective person and I like stopping to be grateful. However, I know that the other reason that I love it is the FOOD, FAMILY, and TRADITIONS!!!

Yesterday at Principal Collaborative, I had the opportunity to ride on a tandem bike with another principal. There were lots of lessons that I learned but here is the biggest!

I knew nothing about tandem bike riding but I assumed that I could do this because I could ride a bike! BIG assumption!!!! The other principal said, "I have experience in the back so you steer and take the front."

BIG mistake!!

Not only did I not know what I was doing, 1) we were in front of our peers 2) I didn't ask any questions about how to operate a tandem 3) I didn't really know where we were going EXACTLY... So on a bicycle built for a team of two - albeit that I was a scary leader and my teammate was fearful for a crash - she hopped off the bicycle! I was left alone to navigate the bicycle to a safe halt. (And all ended well...)

But this takes me to teamwork! I am grateful for the team that we have at DWE!! Together we had a fabulous Open House event, together we have worked for solutions for students, together we help our students succeed, together we raised 569 canned goods for our community, together we raised over $3,000 for our SPARK park BEFORE the matching...

Teamwork may not always be easy but teamwork makes the DREAM work!! I am grateful that you are each on our team. Thank you for your role on this team! In gratitude! Have a great weekend and don't forget you can wear jeans next week too!!!

Exciting Events Next Week!

5th Grade Field Trip is Monday, 11/23.

Turkey Bowling for staff on Monday, 11/23.

Turkey Bowling for SOAR Reward for students Tuesday, 11/24.

Kris is turned into a turkey on Tuesday, 11/24.

Wednesday - Friday are the Thanksgiving Holidays!

Upcoming for November 23rd - November 27th

Leah for Announcements; Zero Week in the Library; No RTI/Academic Collaboration; No ELT or tutoring this week!

Monday, 11/23 - Rotation Day 6; Challenge; 5th Gr. Field Trip; Lego Club 3:45pm; Katy ISD Board Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday, 11/24 - Rotation Day 1; Challenge; No Observations; Spelling Bee 9am; Turkey Bowling SOAR Reward for students; No Tuesday Topic; No ASD

Wednesday 11/25 - No School, Thanksgiving Holiday; Building is open until 4pm

Thursday, 11/26 & Friday, 11/27 - No School, Thanksgiving Holiday - Building Closed

Upcoming for November 30th - December 4th

Tina for Announcements; Gold Week in the library; 5th Gr. Math DLA 11/21 - 12/11; Academic Collaboration Kinder, 5th & 4th

Monday, 11/30 - Rotation 2 - I-station 7:45am; Challenge; No Observations, Admin Meeting 9:30am; Staff SOAR Reward - Chuy's lunch order; Lego Club 3;45pm

Tuesday, 12/1 - Rotation Day 3 - Academic Collaboration - Kinder; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; I-station 7:45am; Challenge; Picture Retakes; Sacred Planning,

Wednesday, 12/2 - Rotation Day 4 - Academic Collaboration - 5th; Chime Rehearsal 7:15am; I-station 7:45am; Sacred Planning, 4th Gr. Field Trip to OLC (am - Howard & Doss-Lomas, pm - Stockton & Crump); Principal Institute for Kris (off campus all day); Drama club 3:45pm; ASD - Kellen; Read, Deed, Run 4pm; Drama Club Dress Rehearsal performance for staff 4:15pm

Thursday, 12/3 - Rotation Day 5 - Acad. Collab - 4th; Student Council Meeting 7:30am; I-station 7:45am; OLC Field Trip for Kellen, Loveday & Roberts am; Principal's Institute for Kris (off campus all day); AP Toolbox Meeting for Leah (pm) and Tina (am); Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; ASD - Roberts; Staff Birthdays 4pm (2nd gr.)

Friday, 12/4 - Rotation Day 6 - ICs off campus; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; SOAR Store for 1st (5th) 12:30pm and SOAR Store for Kinder (4th) 1pm


Kudos to all staff members for a great job during our power outage on Tuesday.

Thank you to Tina Seaman, Leah Lowry, April crump, Jordan Doss-Lomas, Debbie Welsh and Whitney Jackson for attending the Glow Run.

Thank you Susie Loyd for attending the PTA Meeting and Veteran's day program.

Thank you Sara Bergstrom and Kim Specksgoor for hosting another successful Scholastic Book fair!

Thank you to Paula Wagner and Claudia Flora for all your support of our new crossing guard.

All staff members that helped to make our Open House, Discovery Dome and Book Fair Family night a huge success!

Debbie Welsh, Adrian Luna and Lauren Martinez for giving up the gym on Monday afternoon so the Lego Club had a meeting place during our book fair.

Thank you Kay Elliott for allowing another staff member to use your room and computer so that she can do Blast/HD Word with students.

Thanks Lori Irwin for having a great eye for spotting maintenance needs around the building.

Thanks for Katrina Cerk and Debbie Welsh for serving in the Discovery Dome all night! 4:30 - 7:30! We appreciate you!

Upcoming Staff SOAR Rewards

It’s that time to celebrate all that you have done by offering reward opportunities for you to cash in those purple tickets you have earned. For the lunch/coffee orders, all you need to do is supply the money to pay for the items and we will pick it up and deliver to you on that day. For the recess coverage, email me your day and time. We will take care of your coverage.

Your Admin team is ready to serve you!!

Chuy's Lunch Order

November 30th

10 tickets

Monday Morning Coffee-Starbucks

December 7th

10 tickets

Recess Coverage

Week of December 14-18

10 tickets

KYB Practice in the Gym

Katy Youth Basketball practices in our gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Please be mindful that we do have people in the building after hours. The cafeteria doors will be closed to keep visitors in the café/gym area but we still should make sure our personal items are put away.

December 8th Choir Performance

The December 8th Cookies & Carols Performance for the students and staff has been changed to 2:30pm in lieu of a morning performance. This is due to MRJH's Fine Arts presentation for our 5th graders. We apologize for the inconvenience and late notice of the change but unfortunately we didn't receive early notice about the event.

Inspiring Imagination Grant Program

This year's teacher grant application process has begun! All Katy ISD teachers or teams of teachers on the same campus, including couselors and librarians, involved in the direct instruction of students are eligible to apply.

Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to individual teacher intiated programs or


Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to campus team projects for a team of 3 or


The number of awards will depend on funds raised by the Foundation for the

current grant cycle.

The application is accessible anytime, anywhere on MyKaty under the Education Foundation tab.


A teacher can be listed on no more than three grant applications total, including both individual and teams.

A teacher can be listed as Lead Teacher on only one application.

Team projects involve a team of three or more.

A grant activity will be funded for no more than three consecutive years at the same campus.

All grant applications must be originally written.

Katy ISD Instructional Coaches are welcome and encouraged to serve as a resource for grant ideas, but may only be an applicant with team grants that include 4 or more members directly involved in classroom instruction.

Teacher Workshops:

The Grant Development Committee will host three teacher workshops this year:

Janaury 28, February 9 and March 1

All 4:30 - 5:30pm at the ESC Board Room.

You only need to attend one and registration is in Eduphoria.

Applications are due by 5pm on March 30, 2016.